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ultimate newyork diet review

The Ultimate New York Diet Review

Our Ultimate New York Diet review takes a look at the latest offering from David Kirsch…a diet that his supermodel clients use to get in shape, but it’s a toughie!

Following hard on the heels of his Ultimate New York Body Plan comes The Ultimate New York Diet…and it gets no easier!

Wellness guru Kirsch is from the ‘no pain, no gain’ school of weight loss. Whilst it may help the likes of Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell shape up for the catwalk, this diet is not for the faint hearted!

The Ultimate New York Diet Review – How Does it Work…?

ultimate newyork diet review

Kirsch’s previous book, The Ultimate New York Body Plan was a strict and punishing regime of diet and exercise. The Ultimate New York Diet is no different.

It’s really a diet designed for people who have less than 14lbs to lose and who need to lose it quickly.

If you’re a catwalk model with a show to do and you need to drop a few pounds, then this plan will do it.

Strip back the gloss and glamour and it’s essentially a low carb, low fat, low calorie diet.

The diet promises rapid weight loss – up to 14lbs in two weeks, as well as more energy, a faster metabolism, improved mood and skin tone.

If you’ve read his previous book, you’ll be familiar with Kirsch’s approach to weight loss, which runs throughout this diet.

To summarize:

  • No starchy carbs – bread, rice, pasta…they’re all out
  • No dairy – mainly because milk contains the sugar lactose
  • No alcohol – which has lots of calories that turn to fat quickly
  • No sweets and sugary snacks – just think of all those empty calories
  • No fruit – again packed full of sugar, in this case fructose
  • No to most fats – you can eat a teaspoon of olive oil or a few almonds, though
  • Eat plenty of lean protein – chicken breast, turkey, tuna are all ok
  • Eat something every three hours – to keep your metabolism ticking over
  • No coffee – caffeine is a no-no, peppermint or green tea is ok, though
  • Drink plenty of water – at least 2 litres a day
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise – burn fat and build muscle with daily cardio and strength building workouts
  • The book contains plenty of meal plans and recipes, which are based on breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner.

    A typical day’s menu might look something like:

  • Breakfast – 3 hard-boiled egg whites
  • Snack – small tin of tuna
  • Lunch – chicken breast, large green salad with fat-free dressing
  • Snack – veg soup
  • Dinner – salmon steak, steamed veg
  • Kirsch also recommends supplements like cinnamon bark, green tea and 5-HTTP to speed up your metabolism, burn more fat and suppress your appetite.

    The Ultimate New York Diet Review – Does it Work…?

    Sure, our Ultimate New York Diet review would indicate that you will lose weight and quickly on this plan.

    The calories and carbs are low and with the exercise the pounds will drop off.

    However, this is not a long term eating plan, it’s just too restrictive and unless you’re a bit of a masochist, you’ll struggle for more than a few weeks.

    There are a few tasty looking recipes but much of the food looks somewhat bland due to the virtually no carb, no fat rules.

    There are some very positive aspects to Kirsch’s approach. For instance, eating every three hours is a very effective weight loss strategy.

    Eating lean protein, drinking plenty of water, exercise – they’re all good tips to follow.

    However, the rather extreme deprivation is going to be tough to stick with and as for cutting out fruit…that’s a no-no!

    For us, the ultimate test of any diet is not how quickly you’ll lose weight, but whether you’ll be able to stick with it once you’ve lost the weight.

    Sure, you’ll lose weight quickly, but once you go back to eating a more normal diet, much of the weight will go back on again.

    Our Ultimate New York Diet review would suggest that the rate of weight loss is also a problem.

    Aside from the fact that most of the initial “up to 14lbs” will be water, there are very real risks with rapid weight loss.

    The diet also recommends a range of supplements to maximise weight loss benefits. We’ve no problem with taking vitamin and mineral¬†supplements when dieting – they provide a nutritional top up.

    However, taking a cocktail of expensive supplements for which the weight loss benefits are largely unproven may prove to be a waste of money.

    The Ultimate New York Diet Review – The Bottom Line…

    However, they were hardly what you’d call fat in the first place!A host of stars and supermodels, like Sophie Dahl and Linda Evangelista have followed Kirsch’s advice to drop a few pounds for shows and films.

    There’s no getting away from it, this is a tough diet to stick to – egg whites, steamed veg and turkey are hardly the ingredients for a varied and tasty eating plan for life!

    This diet excludes too many foods for our liking and we could never recommend a diet that bans fruit.

    There are some good points, but overall it’s not a choice that anyone but the most dedicated diet and exercisers would be able to stick to long term.

    Our Ultimate New York Diet review would suggest that if you need to lose some weight quickly for a special occasion it may be for you, but if you’ve more than a few pounds to lose, forget it.

    If you’re looking for a low fat diet with an emphasis on exercise that’s more generous with the carbs – both wholegrains and fruit, then you may be interested in the Bill Phillips Eating for Life plan.

    Our very own free Healthy Weight Loss Plan is along similar lines to The Ultimate New York Diet, but again is more generous with the carbs and doesn’t exclude any of the main food groups.

    As such we would suggest, it’s much easier to stick with long term.

    Our Ultimate New York Diet review verdict? A quick fix if you’ve a few pounds to lose quickly, but there are easier and more permanent ways to lose weight!

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