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Weight Loss Workout

A weight loss workout is essential if you want to lose weight and get in shape – so what’s the most effective way to burn fat, build muscle and re-shape your body?

If you’ve learned anything from your visit to our website, its that exercise is just as important to achieving your weight loss goals as what you eat.

To be blunt, you may lose some weight through dieting alone, but you’re highly unlikely to keep it off long term if you don’t build some physical activity into your weekly routine.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to exercise every day, join a gym or fill your spare room with lots of expensive workout equipment.

Weight Loss Workout

It does mean making a commitment to being physically active for aroundthree times a week for 30-45 minutes.

The benefits of exercise are many – you’ll:

  • Burn more calories
  • Fire up your metabolism
  • Lose weight
  • Firm and tone your body…

weight loss workouts to build muscle

In short, you’ll look and feel better and will take back control of your body shape!

What Components Do you Need?

OK, enough of the preamble. A weight loss workout done on a regular basis needs two components:

  • Strength training – To build and tone muscle tissue
  • Aerobic exercise – Cardio training will burn fat and calories as well as building stamina and improving your heart health. Now I hate long, slow, boring cardio so instead I use interval training,which burns more calories and body fat in less time than traditional cardio

Now, there’s a lot of emphasis on cardio when it comes to weight loss, as aerobic activity burns calories and can be effective at burning fat.

However, resistance training is equally important as it builds muscle. Muscle is responsible for most of the calories you burn each day so increase your muscle mass and you increase your daily calorie expenditure.

You’ll even burn more calories whilst you sleep!

Some aerobic activities, such as rowing and swimming combine cardio and resistance training in one workout.

However, for us a combination of resistance training – either with weights, machines or your own bodyweight and interval training provides the most effective whole body, weight loss workout in the shortest time.

Now, working out 5-6 days a week for 60-90 minutes or more and resting for one or two days may work well for people that have the time.

For example, a whole body workout with weights or your bodyweight 3-5 days a week and a 30-60 minutes run outdoors or on a treadmill 3-5 days a week.

But who has the time for that?

Alternatively, try three, 45 minutes long high intensity strength and interval training workouts a week, such as a Turbulence Training workout, which suits people with limited time to train – most people – much better.

Of course, it depends on your goals. If you’re looking to shape and tone then you may well need a different weight loss workout to someone looking to put on some serious muscle or run a marathon. You simply adapt your weight loss workout accordingly.

Before Wrapping It Up

It is always important to stick your goal. But only workouts will not help. Without proper dieting you may not lose weight or may ruin your muscles. So, also keep en eye on your eating routine. Whatever your goals, the basic principles remain the same – a combination of:

  • A healthy diet that reduces your daily calorie intake and
  • Regular exercise to increase your daily calorie expenditure…

These are the most effective ways to build muscle, burn fat, lose weight and get in shape.

So, to ensure you have the information you need to build an effective weight loss workout we’ve written the following articles, which are full of free advice that from personal experience we know works.

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