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Slimbuterol for Weight Loss - Slimbuterol Review

Slimbuterol for Weight Loss – Slimbuterol Review

Slimbuterol is a weight loss supplement promoted as a “carb blocker” and appetite suppressant… But does it work? What ingredients does it have? Before finding more details, lets find out what is Slimbuterol and what our Slimbuterol review says.

What is Slimbuterol..?

The product is promoted primarily as a natural weight loss supplement for people on low carb diets.

It contains the ingredients banaba leaf, gymnema sylvestre and synephrine and comes as capsules. The suggested dose is one capsule once or twice a day.

The manufacturers claimed Slimbuterol as  to be the first complete, natural fat fighting supplement available.

The ingredients are claimed to raise your metabolism, increase energy, block carbohydrate absorption, lower blood sugar levels and decrease appetite.

Slimbuterol for Weight Loss

You’re also supposed to be able to lose 2-4 lbs a month taking the product without having to make any significant dietary changes. The bit that always sets alarm bells ringing for us! So, now you want to know how it work?

How Does Slimbuterol Work…?

The key, apparently lies in the three main ingredients that discussed in below.

Banaba Leaf is a plant used in traditional asian medicine that contains a substance called corosolic acid. Corosolic acid has been shown to have some effect on blood sugar levels.

As you know, fluctuations in blood sugar levels trigger your appetite. So, the logic goes, keeping your blood sugar levels on an even keel will help to manage your appetite. So, how can you maintain a balance in your blood sugar level?

Furthermore, spikes in your blood sugar will also cause your body to produce insulin. Insulin is your fat storing hormone. So, do you want to avoid that when managing or reducing your weight?

We would suggest that having smaller, more frequent meals. Eliminating sugar from your diet and eating sufficient protein will also be more effective at controlling your appetite.

We’ve covered gymnema Sylvester on our page on natural herbs for weight loss. In short, it decreases the sweetness of foods on the tongue. The thinking is that you’re then less likely to want to eat sugary foods because they won’t taste as sweet.

You can wean yourself off sweet foods quite quickly by simply not eating them for a few days. It’s the psychological dependency that’s much harder to deal with. If you’re a carb junkie you’ll still crave donuts even if they don’t taste quite as sweet.

Synephrine is promoted as a stimulant purported to boost your energy levels. It increases your metabolism so that you can burn more calories and suppress your appetite.

Synephrine is a fruit extract and is sometimes used as an alternative to caffeine and ephedra. Though the latter being banned in the US.

Does Slimbuterol Work…?

Hmm, forgive us. We do use supplements and try to be open minded, but we’re somewhat cynical when it comes to ‘miracle’ products like this one.

There is some very limited evidence that the ingredients in this supplement have a minor effect on blood sugar levels.

The leap between this and significant fat loss is, well…conjecture at best.

We’ve not found any large scale trials of this product or any of it’s ingredients. There’s no evidence that the ingredients are safe for long term use either.

There is some anecdotal evidence from people who’ve used the products. There are testimonials in various online forums and on sites selling the product promoting its effectiveness. Some of these are really positive reviews.

Who knows, as a part of a calorie controlled diet based on sound healthy eating principles and combined with regular exercise maybe it does have an effect?

Use it on your own choice, we remain to be convinced it will do much at all.

Wrapping it up:

If there were any merit in any of the ingredients, the drug companies would have snapped them up, trialed them and brought them to market. The acid test of any weight loss aid.

But hey, it’s your money and if you can afford it give Slimbuterol a try for yourself and see what you think.

Our advice? Save your money and invest in a healthy, balanced diet that will fill you up. This will help you lose weight naturally without the need for slimming pills and appetite suppressants.

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