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How Does Diet Food Home Delivery Work -

Diet Food Home Delivery Reviews

In our diet food home delivery reviews we take a look at a growing area of the weight loss industry, low calorie pre-packaged diet meals delivered to your door!

Call us old fashioned, but that’s the lazy person’s way to lose weight – or the rich one’s!

In a fast food world, pre-prepared ready meals are nothing new. What is relatively new though, is having your own personalized menu of low calorie meals delivered to your home each day.

And the market is growing, but why?

Diet Food Home Delivery Reviews – So What’s the Appeal…?

One word…convenience!

If you’re busy with little time to shop for and prepare your own freshly cooked meals, or simply don’t like to cook, then having nutritious, low calorie diet meals delivered to you each day or week has a cerdiet food delivery services -tain appeal.

Let’s face it, most of us are no strangers to take away food. Pizza, curries, Chinese food, Thai food… take your pick. They’re all available within minutes once you’ve made a quick call.

So it’s hardly surprising that many weight loss companies have cottoned on and are filling the niche for healthy, nutritious food that’s ready to eat.

Whatsmore, the time-pressed dieter no longer has to convert that recipe or daily menu from a book or downloaded from the internet into a plate of food.

No more weighing and measuring, counting calories or reading the labels.

All the planning and preparation has been done for you…at a price!

Diet Food Home Delivery Reviews – How Much Does it Cost…?

Depending on the company and the range of meals on offer, you’re looking at anywhere from $10 a day upwards.

The freshly prepared and gourmet ranges can reach over $40 a day, that’s a hefty $280 a week — the size of many families weekly grocery bill!

It sounds a lot, but it’s the convenience you’re paying for.

When you break it down, less than $5 a meal is actually not that bad – you won’t get much change out of $5 for a Whopper and fries!

If you eat a lot of takeout or eat in restaurants several times a week, you may not actually be paying much more buying home delivered diet meals than you’re currently spending.

Some companies require you to sign up for a month at a time. Usually if you sign up for longer, you’ll get a discount, which can deliver not insignificant savings over time.

The shipping and delivery charges are sometimes included in the price of each meal, sometimes they’re charged separately.

Generally, the more meals you have delivered in one go, the cheaper it is.

However, companies that provide chilled, fresh meals tend to deliver smaller quantities more frequently and the delivery cost reflects that.

Diet Food Home Delivery Reviews – How Does it Work…?

Our diet food home delivery reviews would indicate that the companies offering this service run their business along similar lines.

You generally sign up via a website, are asked a series of questions about your goals, health, likes and dislikes and have a profile compiled.

Some companies have a range of diets to choose from, such as low carb, low GI, low sodium, heart healthy, for diabetics and so on and the meals are tailored around the plan you choose.

Depending on your calorie requirements, you get breakfast, lunch and dinner with a few healthy snacks thrown in.

Most companies let you choose your meals. Some programs, though, are more prescriptive so as to ensure you get a variety of foods and don’t live on chili and rice three times a day!How Does Diet Food Home Delivery Work

Some companies also offer an online support and counselling service, telephone advice and online forums where you can interact with other dieters.

A number of companies also offer a free trial period, so you can try out the food before signing up.

This is a valuable service as the food does vary between companies and you don’t want to buy a couple of week’s worth of food that you can’t eat!

Diet Food Home Delivery Reviews – Which Companies Offer the Service…?

Many of the big name diet companies offer a pre-prepared meal delivery service. Some for years, others are relatively new to the market.

For instance, eDiets.com offer eDiets Express, which has three 28-day plans ranging from $721 to $1,100 a month, including shipping.

This is pretty average in terms of pricing for fresh meals and includes a membership website with 24/7 support.

Choose your plan from the many on offer and the meals are tailored accordingly.

The food is freshly prepared and generally tastes pretty good.

Another famous name in prepackaged dieting is NutriSystem, which has seen an explosion in sales in the last few years.

This is one of the cheaper plans and costs around $70 a week. However, it’s reflected in the food which varies from quite Diet Food Home Delivery - Fresh Diet Reviewsgood to barely edible!

Portions are fairly small and are low GI. Meals are not fresh, but are microwavable, boil in the bag or need to be mixed with liquid, normally water.

You supply your own extras like vegetables, fruit and milk.

Meals are shipped monthly at $280 with autoship, nearly $330 without.

A telephone counselling service is included in the price, which is a valuable feature of the plan.

Jenny Craig is another big name in pre-packaged diet food and their whole plan is built upon their range of calorie-controlled ready meals.

The price is similar to NutriSystem as is the type of food offered.

Telephone counselling and a Jenny Direct website membership costs an extra $6 a week.

Again the food is of variable quality and the Jenny Craig range of supplements is recommended.

Some More Popular Diet services…

Atkins at Home is based on the Atkins Diet and provides food on a 14-day cycle.

Meals can be delivered daily in parts of California and weekly throughout the US.

Only freshly prepared food is offered, which comes in at around $1,000 a month.

You have to order a 28-day supply at a time – not cheap!

Zone Chefs is based on the popular Zone Diet, and offers fresh or frozen meals.

Daily fresh delivery is available to clients in and around New York and LA. Weekly delivery is available across the US.

Frozen meals start at just over $700 for a month’s supply. You can have fresh meals too with around $1,300 a month.

Our diet food home delivery reviews found other companies like Diet To Your Door and Diet To Go that offer a similar service. There are sure to be others springing up given the recent growth in this lucrative market.

Diet Food Home Delivery Reviews – The Bottom Line…

Our diet food home delivery reviews found there’s certainly a market for these services and it’s a very convenient way to lose weight.

Although it can be expensive and the taste and quality of the food on offer varies wildly.

If you’re pushed for time, don’t like to shop or cook and can afford it then this may be the kind of diet you’re looking for.

You like good food that tastes home prepared, actually everybody likes homemade food. If you can afford it, go for a company that delivers fresh food like eDiets Express.

I know price is a very important sometimes the determining factor. So, go for companies that offer microwavable, long life meals like. Nutrisystem may be a better option in this case.

You do get what you pay for, so don’t expect gourmet cuisine from freeze dried or microwave meals!

Our concern about this approach to dieting is that you’re unlikely to learn new eating habits and food preparation skills.

It will also prove expensive, especially if you have a family to cook for and you may well end up preparing separate meals for them anyway.

Our diet food home delivery reviews would suggest that there are many people who’ve successfully lost weight with diets based on pre-packaged meals. So we wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand.

However, unless you’re planning on eating ready meals for the rest of your life, we’d question whether you’ll keep the weight off once you go back to eating home prepared food.

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