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Epic 1000 MX Treadmill Review

Epic 1000 MX Treadmill Review

Our Epic 1000 MX treadmill review looks at the top of the range treadmill from Epic – it’s built for serious runners, but does it deliver?

Essentially this is the same treadmill as the cheaper Epic 800 MX but with a bigger motor and better belt.

Aimed at runners looking for a heavy duty treadmill on which to undertake intense and regular workouts, it comes with a hefty price tag.

The list price for the 1000 MX is $2,638.99, but there are generous discounts available online.

So is this a treadmill in which it’s worth considering such a substantial investment?

Epic 1000 MX Treadmill Review – Features

Epic 1000 MX Treadmill Review
In the Epic 1000 MX, Icon has actually done a pretty good job.Serious runners probably wouldn’t fall over each other in a rush for an Icon treadmill. Icon Health and Fitness, which owns Epic are better known for their budget treadmills.

Our Epic 1000 MX treadmill review would suggest that it offers a well built, solid and durable option for people searching for a treadmill that will handle the rigours of long runs and interval training.

For instance, the 1000 MX comes equipped with a powerful, responsive and reasonably quiet 3.0 HP continuous duty motor, ideally suited for running.

The motor is capable of speeds of up to 12mph and shows no sign of strain when pushed hard for long periods.

The 60″ x 20″ heavy duty, 2-ply belt should wear well, particularly when combined with the large rollers and provides a surface area that should accomodate most runners.

It’s comfortable too, the cushioning absorbing enough impact to be kind to your joints whilst remaining firm enough on lift off.

The one touch feature smoothly inclines the deck to 12% without any need to interrupt your workout.

The deck on the 1000 MX folds up vertically and is sufficiently compact to make storage a snap. Weighing a hefty 280lbs I’d suggest you don’t plan on moving it far!

As with the 800 MX, the frame is solidly engineered as evidenced by the max user weight of 350lbs, so should be able to cope easily with the heaviest of runners.

The back lit display console is functional and does the job, although it seems somewhat basic for a treadmill at this price.

There are plenty of pre-programmed workouts to choose from, including a couple that you can personalise and save.

There’s also a heart rate monitor and built in cooling fans, which prove useful on long runs and aren’t so noisy as to drown out the TV or stereo.

The warranties aren’t great, though and don’t bear comparison with some of the leading mid-range brands.

Epic 1000 MX Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Epic 1000 MX treadmill review would suggest that this is a model that should be on your list of options if you’re in the market for a well built treadmill on which to do some serious training.

But would I buy it? Hmm, at the discounted price of $1,999 it’s attractive, but I could pick up a Sole F85 for that, which is probably the best folding treadmill you can buy and has a 3.5 HP motor and class leading warranties.

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