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Epic 800 MX Treadmill

Epic 800 MX Treadmill Review

Our Epic 800 MX treadmill review investigates a good looking treadmill with some decent user reviews – how does it fare in the competitive mid price market?

If you’re looking to invest around $1,800 in a treadmill – the list price for the Epic 800 MX is $1,799, but there are big discounts around online – you’re probably a serious trainer and will want a machine to run on.

The Epic range offers a couple of models to choose from, but given the competition from proven brands like Sole and Bowflex should you be considering the 800 MX?

There’s no denying that this is a decent machine – well built with a good motor, but does it cut it against the best of the rest?

Epic 800 MX Treadmill Review – Features

Epic 800 MX Treadmill

Epic is owned by Icon Health and Fitness and the 800 MX represents a foray towards the serious end of the market.

People willing to pay nearly $2,000 for a treadmill aren’t looking for a machine for the occasional walk, they’re looking for something on which to rack up some serious mileage.

The 800 MX offers a decent package that’s well put together, but whilst it scores well in some departments it’s let down somewhat in others.

This model has a respectable 2.75 HP continuous duty motor, really the minimum if you’re planning on some serious running — although 3.0 HP would cope better.

The motor is capable of speeds up to 12mph and appears to cope well at the top end of its range without too much noise and audible strain.

It’s not the quietest treadmill I’ve come across but the noise levels are acceptable.

The belt is a heavy duty and generous 60″ x 20″, enough room for most people to really stretch out on.

The deck inclines to 12% and has a one touch feature that smoothly inclines the running surface without any interruption to your workout.

As with the rest of the Epic range, the deck is well cushioned with big rollers that make for a stable running surface and minimise belt wear.

The 600 MX folds up completely and is compact enough when folded to fit almost anywhere. It is heavy, though at over 270lbs, so don’t plan on moving it too far!

The frame is a solid piece of engineering that inspires confidence and given the max user weight of 350lbs should withstand a pounding from a gorilla, let alone the average runner!

The back lit ClearView 7″ x 10″ display console is Icon’s standard unit and does the job, although it is a little basic in this price range.

There are 12 pre-programmed workouts and two that can be customised and saved. Variety and flexibility from one workout to the next shouldn’t be a problem.

There’s also a heart rate monitor and built in cooling fans, which are welcome on long hard runs.

I’m continually disappointed with the warranties on Icon brands, though, which aren’t great on the higher end models and don’t compare with the market leading warranties offered by some other manufacturers.

This model lists for $1,799, but our Epic 800 MX treadmill review found it with a whopping discount for just $899 at WorkoutWarehouse
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A saving of $900 on the list price, which may not be around for long. The cynic in me might say that it’s either not selling well or was over priced to start with, but that still seems like a bargain to me.

Epic 800 MX Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Epic 800 MX treadmill review confirms that this is a model well worth considering if you’re planning on some serious runs.

It’s well built, solid, stable and comfortable to run on and would I’d suggest, last for a few years to come.

I wouldn’t pay the list price for it though, as there are better folding treadmills in the $2,000 bracket – the Sole F85 for instance, which is probably the best fold up on the planet.

However, if you can get it at the huge discounts we’ve found it for, then it becomes a much more attractive option.

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