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Epic 600 MX Treadmill

Epic 600 MX Treadmill Review

Our Epic 600 MX treadmill review checks out a solid, good value model from Epic that’s up against some serious competition – how does it rate?

The problem for Epic is that the market for mid-price treadmills is not only intensely competitive, it’s also home to some seriously good treadmills.

The 600 MX retails for $1,499 – although you can get some big discounts online – which puts it up against models from the likes of Sole and Bowflex.

Now, the 600 MX is good, but does it have what it takes to beat off such serious competition?

Epic 600 MX Treadmill Review – Features

Epic 600 MX Treadmill

The entry level models offer a good value package that stand up well to the competition.There’s no doubting that with the Epic brand, parent company Icon Health and Fitness has a decent range of treadmills aimed at the home user market.

The higher priced models, starting with the 600 MX have a tougher job to convince buyers that they’re the best choice for the best part of $2,000 or more.

This model has a decent 2.5 HP continuous duty motor, which provides enough power for walkers and joggers – serious runners would do better with a 2.75 HP unit as a minimum.

Whilst the motor is capable of speeds up to 12mph, I wouldn’t work out too near the maximum for too long at it gets a bit noisy and is likely to burn out more quickly when pushed hard.

The belt has the same dimensions as on the 450 MX, a spacious 55″ x 20″ – enough for most people – but is heavier duty.

The deck inclines to 12% and has a one touch function that enables you to incline or decline without interrupting your workout – it is a little slow, though.

The deck is well cushioned with good sized 2.5″ rollers, so wear on the belt shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The 600 MX folds up completely and with the deck vertical takes up very little space – an important feature for most home users.

The display console is Icon’s standard back lit ClearView 7″ x 10″ unit that’s clear and nicely set out.

The multiple workout programs will add variety and flexibility to your workouts…and the grip heart monitors will help you to get the most out of them.

Cooling fans come as standard and don’t prove to be too noisy when switched on.

I am disappointed with the warranties though, which aren’t great at this price.

This model retails for $1,499.99, but our Epic 600 MX treadmill review found it with at nearly half price for $799 at WorkoutWarehouse.

Epic 600 MX Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Epic 600 MX treadmill review leaves us in no doubt that this is a pretty decent treadmill.

It offers a stable, durable platform for walkers and joggers that should last a few years of regular use without too much trouble.

However, if I had around $1,500 to invest in a treadmill, would I buy this one? Probably not.

Even at the discount price of $799? Well there are better options, like the Sole F63, which is often discounted down to $999.

For a few hundred dollars more the outstanding Sole F80 is an option. The Bowflex Series 5 is also worth checking out.

In short, if you can get it for $799, then I’d say it’s a bargain. Generally speaking though, if you’re looking at an Epic then the entry level models are a better bet.

If you’re set on the Epic 600 MX and want a big discount, then check out WorkoutWarehouse.

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