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Epic 450 MX Treadmill

Epic 450 MX Treadmill Review

Our Epic 450 MX treadmill review examines a value for money treadmill for home use…so what makes it a good buy?

Where Epic excels is in their feature packed entry level models – basically those under $1,000.

Now $700-$1,000 isn’t cheap, but you do get a lot for your money with these Epics and if you want a treadmill that will last that’s about what you should expect to pay.

Whilst the 450 MX retails for $1,999.99, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be available at a substantial discount, which brings the price down to around or just under $1,000.

The 450 MX is better suited for walking and occasional jogging than serious running. If that’s the type of treadmill you’re after, then this model is worth checking out.

Epic 450 MX Treadmill Review – Features

Epic 450 MX Treadmill

Epic treadmills are very similar to Image treadmills which I’d also recommend as an option worth considering.As one of the Icon Health and Fitness brands, there are similarities between Epic treadmills and other Icon brands. In some case you could argue that it’s just the badge that’s different!

For me, the important features of any treadmill are the motor, deck, frame, overall build quality and warranties – treadmills can have a habit of breaking down!

Too often, manufacturers dress up poor treadmills with lots of gadgets and gimmicks to give their products added ‘kerb appeal’ and then cut corners on the important stuff.

Our Epic 450 MX treadmill review would argue that that’s not the case with this model.

The 450 MX comes with a 2.25 HP continuous duty motor, which is plenty for speed walking. Lighter users should have no problem jogging on it.

Whilst not exactly straining at higher speeds – the 450 MX will reach 10 mph – the motor will wear out more quickly than a bigger unit when regularly pushed near to its limit.

The belt is a decent 55″ x 20″, which will allow all but the tallest users to stretch out.

The deck inclines to 12%, is robust and is equipped with good sized rollers, important for reducing wear on the belt.

The cushioning on the deck is more than adequate and ensures a comfortable ride that’s easy on the joints.

The 450 MX folds completely so the deck is vertical, making it compact enough to store away easily in just about any corner.

The display console is Icon’s standard 7″ x 10″ unit that is fairly basic, but clear and easy to read.

You also get multiple workout programs, icluding fat burn, cardio and interval training so you can add variety from workout to workout.

As you’d expect, the 450 MX comes with grip heart monitors and cooling fans, which when added to the fairly quiet motor don’t make listening to the TV when working out too difficult!

The main problem with the 450 MX are the warranties, which are poor with only 90 days on the parts and labour.

This model retails for $1,999.99, but our Epic 450 MX treadmill review found it for less than half price $749 at WorkoutWarehouse.

Epic 450 MX Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Epic 450 MX treadmill review leaves us impressed by the entry level Epic models.

The 450 MX is a solid choice for walkers and at the discounted price is a decent buy, offering a stable, well built treadmill that should prove a durable workout partner.

The problem is you can often find the Sole F63 discounted down to $999, which for me is the better option – better built, bigger motor and outstanding warranties!

If you’re set on the Epic 450 MX and want a hefty discount, then check out WorkoutWarehouse.

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