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Epic E 760 Elliptical Trainer

Epic E 760 Elliptical Trainer Review

Our Epic E 760 elliptical trainer review examines a rear drive elliptical that appears to offer a good deal for the money – does it?

Epic is owned by Icon Health and Fitness and the E 760 has quite a lot in common with a couple of Nordic Track’s ellipticals, another of Icon’s brands.

Epic ellipticals are nearly there but not quite. There are some elements to like, but overall the cheap components and electronics and short warranties let them down.

With a few changes this could be a pretty decent machine and whilst it’s certainly no worse than average in this price bracket, I certainly wouldn’t rave about it.

Epic E 760 Elliptical Trainer Review – Features

Epic E 760 Elliptical Trainer

The rear drive system features silent magnetic resistance (SMR), which is disappointing as I’ve come to expect the better $1,000 plus ellipticals to feature the superior eddy current brake (ECB) drive system.At first glance, the Epic E 760 is a good looking machine – but you shouldn’t buy an elliptical for the looks!

Whilst the E 760’s SMR isn’t bad, it’s just not as smooth as ECB.

The resistance is electronically controlled and you get a generous 10 levels of resistance, which should be enough for most exercisers.

The 17.5″ stride length is fine, although why not just stretch the extra half inch to 18″ as on the Epic E 950?

I have a bit of a problem with the pedals, which are described as cushioned but are somewhat plasticky and offer precious little cushioning.

The power incline is a nice addition, but don’t incline it too high as you’ll lose the elliptical motion and get more of a stair-climbing movement.

The frame itself is ok but all the plastic detracts from the solid, stable feel of the machine that you experience with other comparably priced ellipticals, like the Sole E 25.

As far as the electronics are concerned, you get a 5″x8″ LED matrix display console with two display windows, eight personal training programs and a heart rate monitor.

There’s no iFit.com compatibilty, which is a popular feature on other Icon brands and a curious omission on the E 760.

Whatsmore, the heart rate monitor isn’t wireless, a feature now common to other ellipticals around the $1,000 mark.

Other drawbacks that our Epic E 760 elliptical trainer review found are the short warranties – a common problem with Icon brands and hardly intended to fill you with confidence as to the build quality and durability!

As to the price, whilst this model sells for $1,086.99, our Epic E 760 elliptical trainer review found it reduced to $799 at Amazon.ir?t=weilosforbusp 20&l=ur2&o=1 -

Epic E 760 Elliptical Trainer Review – The Bottom Line…

There are certainly worse ellipticals around, but our Epic E 760 elliptical trainer review can’t really rate this model at much better than average.

With a few improvements in the drive system and build quality it would be a choice well worth considering.

However, as it stands and even with a sizable discount there are much better choices of elliptical trainer around – such as those from Sole and Schwinn.

If you really want an Epic E 760, check out Amazon for the current price.ir?t=weilosforbusp 20&l=ur2&o=1 -

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