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Epic Elliptical Trainer Review

Our Epic elliptical trainer review looks at a low to mid-price line of ellipticals that seem to offer a good value product – so do they stack up?

Well, given that Epic is yet another brand in the seemingly endless stable of Icon Health and Fitness exercise equipment you would expect them to benefit from the economies of scale that status would confer.

Icon probably has an R&D budget equivalent to the GDP of a small African country, so quality, keenly priced ellipticals should be the norm.

Epic treadmills are certainly competitive, but how do Epic ellipticals fare against the best of the competition?

Epic Elliptical Trainer Review – Introduction to the Range

There are two models in the Epic elliptical range:

Epic E 760 Elliptical Trainer
Epic E 950 Elliptical Trainer

Hardly extensive, and a couple more models at either end of the price range would have helped in terms of targeting a wider potential market.

The E 760 retails for $1,086.99 and the E 950 for $1,199. You can get some reasonable online discounts on both machines, however, so expect to pay around $799 and $999 respectively.

Epic Elliptical Trainer Review – Features…

Generally speaking, our Epic elliptical trainer review would suggest that the E 760 and E 950 offer a similar deal at similar prices to other Icon brands, like the better known Nordic Track, for instance.Epic ellipticals represent a generous attempt by Icon to offer feature rich ellipticals at reasonable prices.

That’s essentially the case, although there are a few features lacking on the Epic models.

For instance, there’s no iFit.com compatibility or the wireless heart rate monitors that help to make other Icon brands so popular.

Not a smart move, given the highly competitive nature of this market segment.

Both ellipticals are rear drive, but both have silent magnetic resistance (SMR) and not the far smoother eddy current brake (ECB) drive system found on brands like Sole and Schwinn.

There are some useful features common to both models.

Such as the one touch controls, power incline, heart rate monitor and plenty of workout programs.

However, the impression overall is that they don’t feel quite the complete package.

The short warranties don’t help and pale against those offered by several of the market leading brands.

Add it all up and our Epic elliptical trainer review is a bit of a mixed bag.

Epic Elliptical Trainer Review – The Bottom Line…

The overiding impression of these Epic treadmills is one of nearly but not quite.

They look pretty good and are not badly built, but don’t give you everything you expect in this price range.

Add in a few more features and they’d be a more attractive proposition.

Our Epic elliptical trainer review leaves us a little disappointed. If you’re considering an Epic elliptcal, then check out our detailed reviews of each model and make up your own mind.

Epic E 760 Elliptical Trainer Review
Epic E 950 Elliptical Trainer Review.

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