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Fahrenheit Diet Pill Review

Our Fahrenheit diet pill review examines a product aimed at women and claimed to reverse the slowing of metabolism with age and the associated weight gain – does it?

Fahrenheit diet pills are manufactured by Biotest Laboratories and are yet another “new scientific discovery” that “stimulates metabolism”.

Heard that one before? Thought so.

Apologies for sounding a little jaded, but after umpteen reviews of the latest ‘miracle slimming pill’ you begin to feel a touch of deja vu.

Different label, similar ingredients and the usual outrageous claims.

So, are Fahrenheit diet pills any different?

Fahrenheit Diet Pill Review – What Are They…?

Well, get past the hype and Fahrenheit diet pills are claimed to:

  • Increase your metabolism
  • Prevent fat storage after occasional excess calorie consumption
  • Eliminate carbohydrate cravings
  • Ok, so how do they do that then?

    The manufacturers claim that their formula contains a “super-thermogenic compound” that reverses the slowing of a woman’s metabolism with age.

    They claim that their product fixes and turns up your malfunctioning fat-burning furnace so you burn more calories…as long as you keep taking the pills!

    I guess the Fahrenheit tag comes from the furnace analogy.

    So what ingredients are so effective at firing up your furnace?

    We were expecting the usual suspects and were pleasantly surprised to find a few ingredients that you won’t find in many other weight loss supplements.

    These are bundled into something called an A7-E Liquid Thermogenic Complex 15/500 and include:

  • 3;17-dihydroxy-delta-5-etiocholane-7-one dethylcarbonate – I kid you not, try saying that after a few drinks!
  • Sclaremax (proprietary liquid sclareolide)
  • Proprietary guggulsterone
  • Caffeine
  • You take 1-2 pills in the morning on an empty stomach and 1-2 pills six hours later, again on an empty stomach.

    You also follow an eating plan called the T-Lean Plan – essentially a low carb diet.

    Fahrenheit Diet Pill Review – Do the Pills Work…?

    Whilst it’s refreshing to see some different ingredients in a weight loss product, we can find no credible evidence whatsoever to substantiate the claims made for their efficacy.

    Sure, caffeine has a very mild thermogenic effect, but we could find little on the the other three ingredients in the A7-E mix.

    Whilst researching this Fahrenheit diet pill review, we could find no independent clinical trials on either the ingredients or the product itself.

    We would kind of expect that if a new ingredient hit the market that was effective in delivering significant weight loss, there would be at least some research to substantiate the claims made!

    The fact that there seem to be no published studies, let alone any double blind, randomised placebo-controlled trials brings out the sceptic in us.

    In the absence of any independent evidence, we would conclude that you’re unlikely to lose any weight taking this product.

    Any weight loss when taking the pills we would suggest, could be attributed to the T-Lean low carb diet or any other diet or exercise program followed.

    Fahrenheit Diet Pill Review – The Bottom Line…

    Interestingly, the manufacturer’s blurb steers clear of making any weight loss claims. Unsubstantiated weight loss claims more often than not lead to the attention of the FTC and legal proceedings!

    Whether Fahrenheit Diet Pills really will “repair your metabolism” and lead to significant fat loss is open to question.

    At around $25 for a little over a month’s supply at two pills a day they’re not the most expensive slimming pills on the market.

    However, without any independent scientific evidence to prove they work, we’d rather spend our hard earned cash on something else.

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