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how to control binge eating

How to Control Binge Eating

Our tips on how to control binge eating may help you to avoid the autopilot eating and out of control overeating that will sabotage your weight loss efforts.

For many overweight bingers, sticking to any kind of diet is tough. But what often scuppers their weight loss efforts are the binges in between meals.

You know, the bags of crisps or bars of chocolate with a morning coffee. The chocolate chip cookies, the cakes and pastries.

It doesn’t matter how well you stick to your diet at meal times, if you’re binging in between you’ll never lose weight. Chances are, you’ll continue to gain weight!

If you struggle to cut out the in between meal binges, the snacking whilst watching TV, the late night trips to the fridge to polish off that last slice of gateaux…

Then here are a few tips that may help you to cut out those mindless binges once and for all!

How to Control Binge Eating – 7 Simple Tips That May Help….

Firstly, if you’ve a serious binge eating disorder, these tips are unlikely to resolve your problem. There’s information on how to stop binge eating¬†elsewhere on this site that may help.

However, if you’re looking for a few practical tips on how to control binge eating so as to cut out those autopilot binges when you’re bored, stressed or plonked in front of the TV, then these may well help.

how to control binge eating

#1. Eat some protein at every meal

Chicken, fish, lean red meat, tofu…eat a portion around the size of the palm of your hand. A protein snack in between meals like a low fat, sugar free yogurt will also help.

It’s fair to say that protein is a food that promotes weight loss as it fills you up quickly and keeps you full for longer so you’re less likely to feel hungry and snack between meals!

#2. Cut out sugar and sugary snacks

Tough but necessary! Sugar and simple starches, like refined flour products are quickly digested and cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Your body produces insulin to get rid of the sugar and control your blood sugar level.

Problem is once your blood sugar drops, you’re more likely to crave more sugar to raise it again…and so on goes the vicious cycle!

Better to avoid the sugary foods in the first place!

#3. Fill up on fiber

Fiber is a natural appetite suppressant as it fills you up and takes the edge off cravings.

It will also help to keep you feeling full for longer between meals.

Veg and wholegrain products at mealtimes as well as snacks like dried figs, just one of which contains as much fiber as a Shredded Wheat, will help.

#4. Drink plenty of water

A glass of water before a meal will help to fill your stomach up and may prevent overeating.

Dehydration can reduce your concentration levels and willpower, so keeping hydrated may help to prevent the temptation to binge.

#5. Drink a cup of tea

…Preferably without milk and sugar! Black tea, green tea and Wu Long tea have virtually no calories and can raise your metabolism so you burn more calories.

They may also suppress your appetite so you’re less inclined to binge.

#6. Clean out the fridge and cupboards of your trigger foods

Simple, if you’ve no high calorie junk in the house you’re not going to eat it! Replace the junk and trigger foods with healthy foods and snacks.

#7. Exercise

When you feel the urge to binge, go for a brisk walk, go to the gym, ride your bike…or do some other kind of physical activity.

Exercise not only burns calories, it also supresses your appetite so you’re less likely to binge.

How to Control Binge Eating – Over to You…!

It’s all well and good knowing how to control binge eating, but unless you equip yourself with a few strategies to cope when the urge to binge descends on you, you’ll continue to struggle.

Understand how to control binge eating, employ a few of these simple tips and you’ll be half way there.

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