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image 16.0Q treadmill review

Image 16.0Q Treadmill Review – Full Features

Our Image 16.0Q treadmill review examines a model aimed at home users on a budget – is it a bargain?

At just $599 there aren’t that many treadmills around that offer as much for the money for people wanting a moderate intensity workout in the comfort of their own home.

The 16.0Q is not a commercial quality treadmill suitable for serious runners, but for walkers and occasional joggers it should fit the bill.

It’s really not a badly built machine for the price range and should complement the average weight loss program, providing a reasonably reliable machine on which to burn the calories.

So what sets it apart from the crowd?

Image 16.0Q Treadmill Review – Features

The motor, the deck, the electronic features – they’re never as good as they could be!I find it hard to get excited about budget treadmills as to be sold at such affordable prices, they’re invariably full of compromises.

image 16.0Q treadmill review

Image are owned by Icon Health and Fitness and as one of the largest manufacturers and retailer of exercise equipment, they do manage to pack a lot into their treadmills for the price.

You still have to compromise, but our Image 16.0Q treadmill review found fewer compromises than we expected.

Where it really counts – the motor – you get a distinctly underwhelming unit, which whilst listed as turning out 2.5 THP is really equivalent to around 1.75 HP max of continuous duty.

If you’re buying a treadmill to walk on that’s fine – but don’t expect to train for marathons on the 16.0Q!

I’m somewhat sceptical about the 10 mph max speed as the motor gets a bit noisy long before that, but at a brisk walking pace of 4-5 mph it copes with no problem.

The efficient speed and incline controls make using the 16.0Q a simple one-touch operation and the 10% incline adds some extra intensity to your workout if you need it.

The belt is a surprisingly generous 54″ x 19″ – the more expensive Image 15.0R has a mere 50″ x 17″.

Still not great if you’re tall or have a long stride, but most people should have enough space to stride out when walking.

The deck is reasonably well cushioned but the single ply belt is unlikely to last forever.

The 16.0Q is a folding treadmill and with Icon’s SpaceSaver design is compact enough to store away easily – ideal for home exercisers with little storage space.

The 16.0Q comes with a decent 7 x 10 matrix display LED console, five pre-programmed workouts, grip pulse heart rate sensors and iFit.com compatibility.

Whilst the build quality isn’t bad for the price, the components are cheap and will need replacing pretty soon if you plan on using the treadmill a lot – you get what you pay for!

The warranties are poor so prepare to pay for the wear and tear – there’s only 90 days on the frame, parts and labour.

This model retails for $599, but our Image 16.0Q treadmill review found at best a modest discount at WorkoutWarehouse bringing it down to$539.10, although shipping is an extra $95.

Given the bigger discounts, the 15.0R is currently a better buy.

Image 16.0Q Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Image 16.0Q treadmill review would suggest that if you’re looking for a treadmill to walk on, you’re unlikley to find much better for under $600.

If you’re after an Image treadmill, the discounts available on this model aren’t as generous as on others in the range, which may influence many people’s decison to buy.

All in all, the 16.0Q is not a bad option for walkers and should do a decent job for a few years if not worked too hard.

Again, to check out the current price and available discounts visit WorkoutWarehouse.

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