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proform 6.0 gsx Treadmill review

ProForm 6.0 GSX Treadmill Review

Our ProForm 6.0 GSX treadmill review investigates a popular treadmill with home exercisers – its affordable, but is it any good?

ProForm is one of the best known brands of exercise equipment and largely caters for the low-price end of the market.

The 6.0 GSX is another example of the company’s policy of building reasonable treadmills – for the price – packed full of features.

This certainly adds up to an attractive package for the buyer on a budget, but does the long list of features amount to a decent treadmill that will perform day in, day out?

ProForm 6.0 GSX Treadmill Review – Features

It comes with electronic features like Quick Speed and Power Incline controls – the 6.0 GSX has a 0-10% incline for added intensity to your workout.As you’d expect with this brand, our ProForm 6.0 GSX Treadmill review found that this treadmill is jam-packed with features for under $700.

proform 6.0 gsx Treadmill review

There’s the Clearview display panel, which is indeed clear and functional and keeps you informed as to the speed, distance covered and duration of your workout.

There’s the EKG grip pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate, iFit.com compatability to download extra workout programs if the six pre-programmed workouts aren’t enough, cooling fans…

The ProForm 6.0 GSX will also fold up and benefits from ProForm’s ‘SpaceSaver’ design. Basically, if you’re pushed for space, the treadmill will fold up and can be stored away in the corner of a room or a closet – handy for home users.

Now these features are all well and good, but as with most of this company’s treadmills, it’s at the business end that our ProForm 6.0 GSX treadmill review would suggest that it’s left wanting.

You get a 2.75 THP motor – which actually delivers 1.75 HP of continuous duty, enough for walking and maybe jogging, but not for running.

There’s a small 50″ x 19″ treadbelt, which won’t suit taller users.

The build quality is also a little lightweight, although fairly stable with a claimed 300lb user weight capacity.

The AirTek cushioning is an improvement on the ProTech cushioning found on cheaper models, but is still not as kind on the joints as I would like.

Compared to the cushioning on say, a Sole treadmill, you’ll notice the difference. But then again, a Sole treadmill will set you back several hundred dollars more.

And this is really the issue. For all the features, you really can’t build a sturdy, powerful, durable treadmill with a large, well-cushioned deck at this price – you get what you pay for!

Having said that, the warranties aren’t the worst we’ve seen. The motor, which is the element most likely to break down, has a 10 year warranty, but the 90 day parts and labour warranty is poor.

The 6.0 GSX retails for $799, but we found it on sale for $599.00 at WorkoutWarehouse.

ProForm 6.0 GSX Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

To start with, our ProForm 6.0 GSX treadmill review would conclude that this is a feature-packed machine for the price. The sale price, not the full price, which I’d be reluctant to pay for this treadmill.

It’s easy to see why the 6.0 GSX is popular as you get so much for your money. But is it good value for money?

Get beyond the features and you come up against the same issues that all treadmills in this price range suffer from – a weak motor, small belt, adequate but not great cushioning…

Granted, this is a budget treadmill aimed at buyers with a limited amount to spend and ProForm have come up with a reasonable treadmill for the money.

However, strip away the gadgets and you have a basic machine that is fine for walking, but won’t suit runners or taller, heavier users.

Recognise and accept it’s limitations and this may well be a good choice for you.

Our ProForm 6.0 GSX treadmill review verdict? Average in this price range, but there are far worse treadmills around that cost more!

If you’re interested, check out WorkoutWarehouse for the current price on the ProForm 6.0 GSX treadmill.

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