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Image Advanced 3000 Treadmill Review

Image Advanced 3000 Treadmill Review

Our Image Advanced 3000 treadmill review investigates an incline trainer that looks hard to beat – so how well does it perform?

There’s no denying it, Icon Health and Fitness make some very good incline trainers and just like the NordicTrack X5 the Image Advanced 3000 adds up to a pretty decent package.

It’s solid and well built with a decent motor and a 30% max incline.

Incline trainers are made to walk uphill on and given that gravity provides the resistance, they do tend to survive the rigours of regular use better than a regular treadmill does.

Add in the usual array of features that Icon do so well and for $1,599 you’ve got a good value machine that should be a durable performer for years to come.

So let’s take a closer look…

Image Advanced 3000 Treadmill Review – Features…

Image Advanced 3000 Treadmill Review
Whether you’re looking for a low impact way to get fit or to increase the fat burning potential of your weight loss program, incline trainers are a good piece of exercise equipment to consider.The basic premise of incline trainers like the Advanced 3000 is simple. You burn up to three times as many calories walking at 2mph up a 25% incline than walking on the flat.

And when considering incline trainers, our Image Advanced 3000 treadmill review would suggest that this trainer is hard to beat.

The build is good, with much better quality components than you find on much of the Image range and a sturdy frame.

The 2.0 HP continuous duty motor has more than enough power to provide a tough workout.

Whilst it’s claimed to be capable of speeds up to 10 mph, at a decent incline you’ll be doing well to get above 3-4mph!

The simple one touch speed and incline controls make controlling the speed and increasing the incline up to the 30% max very straightforward without the need to interrupt your workout.

The treadbelt is only 52″ x 20″, but that’s a large enough surface to walk on when incline training as your stride tends to shorten the steeper the hill gets – much like climbing stairs.

Whilst incline training is lower impact than jogging or running on the flat, the Precision Response cushioning does a good job of reducing what impact there is.

If you have impact related injuries, then incline training is a good exercise option as you’re effectively walking quite slowly up a hill.

Image, as with the other Icon brands has excelled in the electronic features department – the motor, build quality and deck are more important factors to consider when buying a treadmill, but the electronics are important nonetheless.

The treadmill comes with a back-lit multi-window 7 x 10 matrix display LED console, 23 pre-programmed workouts, grip pulse heart rate sensors and iFit.com compatibility.

The iFit feature enables you to download extra workout programs – along with their motivational music soundtracks – from the iFit website.

You also get a workout intensity meter, which…well, tells you how hard you’re training. As if the sweat and aching limbs aren’t enough!

There’s a lifetime wrranty on the motor, which is great…but the parts and labour warranties only run to one year each, which is not. Certainly on a treadmill at this price.

Image Advanced 3000 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Incline trainers are a great innovation when it comes to low impact, moderate intensity workouts that burn more calories a minute than more conventional exercise equipment.

Icon has really got this market sown up at present with two of the best machines around, the Image Advanced 3000 being one of them.

Our Image Advanced 3000 treadmill review would recommend this machine to anyone on a general fitness or weight loss program looking for a highly effective fat and calorie burner.

You get a great workout on a well built, solid, stable machine that should last for years.

Whilst not unique, the 3000 is a different type of treadmill and one of Image’s and parent company Icon’s best products.

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