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Nordic Track Treadmill Review

Nordic Track Treadmill Review

Our Nordic Track treadmill review takes a look at the most popular low to mid price brand in the market – although popular, how do they compare to the competition?

Nordic Track started over 20 years ago making cross country skiing machines, but have branched out into other exercise equipment including treadmills and ellipticals.

Nordic Track is now owned by Icon Fitness, one of the largest manufacturers of exercise equipment – also responsible for Health Rider, Pro Form, Reebok and Golds Gym.

For the home exerciser, Nordic Track offer a range of budget to mid-price treadmills.

They also manufacture club quality treadmills costing well over $4,000, which are less suited to home use – and the typical home users budget!

Ok, so let’s take a look at what Nordic Track has to offer…

Nordic Track Treadmill Review – Introduction to the Range…

Nordic Track Treadmill Review
Poorly built with lousy warranties, I wouldn’t have touched them with a barge pole!First off, Nordic Track treadmills used to be…well, rubbish.

I’m not really sure what the attraction was when there were better machines around at similar prices – perhaps the brand had some cache for some people and there wasn’t much competition.

Anyway, Nordic Track treadmills have improved out of all recognition in recent years and are now a serious proposition.

Whilst Nordic Track offer quite a few models, I’m going to confine this Nordic Track treadmill review to the three, newest, mid-price models that are worth considering.

Forget the older models, they’ve been left way behind by the competition.

The high price club quality machines are ok, but perhaps beyond the scope of a home exercise equipment review so we’ll leave them alone for now.

The three models are the:

Nordic Track 2200 R Treadmill
Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill
Nordic Track X5 Incline Trainer

The first two are conventional treadmills, the X5 is a sort of hybrid treadmill-come-stepper…an interesting and pretty good machine in fact.

The treadmills all have a regular retail price in the $1,5999- $1,999 range, but can be bought at a discount for as low as $999-$1,599.

Whilst the treadmills are all different in design and build, they share some common features – so let’s take a look at what makes Nordic Track such a popular treadmill brand…

Nordic Track Treadmill Review – Features…

Whilst different machines, there are a few features that are common to all three machines, for example:

#1. Reflex Deck

The 2200 R and Viewpoint share Nordic Track’s pretty decent Reflex Deck, which is perhaps the main reason for the popularity of the newer treadmills.

The Reflex Deck essentially flattens out underfoot and ‘bounces back’ when your foot lifts. The result is a comfortable surface on which to walk or run, which I actually quite like.

It’s kind to your joints and is a lot more forgiving than many treadmills at this price.

The X5 comes with DuraSoft Impact Absorption – similar concept, different name!

#2. Controls and Workout Features

In addition to the decks, this is what attracts the punters – flashing lights and more buttons, dials and displays than Concord!

TVs, fans, the Personal Profile Centre, carb counters, calorie counters, iFit.com compatibilty, cooling fans, odometers, training zone indicators…

The list goes on. If you want a home entertainment centre with your treadmill then Nordic Track is your brand.

#3. Motors

From 2.0 to 2.5HP continuous drive motors that enable you to travel at up to 12mph.

The motors power the Deca Drive System in the 2200 R and ViewPoint and the Commercial Quadra Drive System in the X5 – not quite sure what the difference is, but the names are impressive!

#4. Warranties

All three machines come with lifetime warranties on the motors and one year warranties on the parts and labour.

Not bad and a vast improvement on the miserly warranties found on the older machines. However, they fall far short of the class leading warranties that you’ll fine on treadmills from manufacturers like Sole treadmills.

Ok, so that’s a brief overview, but how does a Nordic Track treadmill review when compared to the opposition?

Whilst each model offers pretty good value for money, none really have the build quality, stability and motors for more than walking and occasional jogging.

If you are a walker or jogger, and want a machine packed full of features at a reasonable price, then these models may provide what you’re looking for.

Serious runners should look elsewhere!

Nordic Track Treadmill Review – Model Reviews…

We’ve listed each Nordic Track Treadmill below separately — take a look at each and we hope you find them useful!

Nordic Track 2200 R Treadmill Review
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