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Nordic Track 2200 R Treadmill Review

Nordic Track 2200 R Treadmill Review

Our Nordic Track 2200 R treadmill review investigates a popular treadmill under $1,000 that looks a good bet for the home user – is it?

Whilst a big selling brand, I have to say that older Nordic Track treadmills were not exactly value for money performers.

The build quality wasn’t great, they broke down frequently and the warranties were lousy.

The newer models, though, appear a much better bet – low to mid price treadmills that go some way to justifying Nordic Track’s popularity.

The 2200 R is a good example of the brand’s much improved product, so let’s take a closer look…

Nordic Track 2200 R Treadmill Review – Features…

Nordic Track 2200 R Treadmill Review
I’m generally wary of treadmills under $1,000, which typically suffer from wobbly frames, weak engines and poor stability.¬†Although retailing for $1,599.00, whilst researching our Nordic Track 2200 R Treadmill review we found this model for as low as$999.00 – and at that price this treadmill is packed with features.

Granted this is not a budget treadmill, but I was genuinely surprised at how much you get for the price.

To start with, there’s the Reflex Deck, which garners some very positive reviews from users – which in my opinion are justified.

The deck is nicely cushioned without being squishy. I found it gets the balance about right between comfort and a stable, responsive, running surface.

The treadmill belt itself is 55″ x 20″, which is acceptable at this price and sufficient for all but taller users. If you’re much over 6′, you may want to look for a longer treadmill.

The 2200 R is designed to take users up to 300lbs, which attests to the machine’s build quality – most treadmills at this price struggle to take people over around 250lbs.

The deck inclines to 12%, which will certainly make your workout more intense and given the machine’s top speed of 10mph is useful.

The 2200 R folds, which will be handy for home exercisers with limited space.

Whilst not the easiest treadmill to fold up I’ve come across, it’s straightforward enough to not become a hassle.

One disappointment we found in our Nordic Track 2200 R treadmill review is the motor – the Deca Drive System weighs in at 2.0HP. Really only sufficient for walkers and occasional joggers, although much more powerful than the puny 1.5HP motors on some budget machines costing nearly as much as the 2200 R.

Where the 2200 R really scores, though, is in the controls and electronics.

The Solaris Illumination Console is bright and feature packed, there’s a Personal Profile centre, an odometer with a MyMiles tracker, a Training Zone indicator, a carb counter…

It’s also iFit.com compatible, so you can download more workout programs if the 10 it comes with aren’t enough!

I could go on, but you get the picture. If it’s electronic gadgets to plan and track your workout you’re after, this may be the machine for you!

However, for me the electronics and controls come second to the parts that really matter…I’d trade most of these for an extra 0.5-1.0HP of power in the motor!

The 2200 R does score well though, for its warranties. A lifetime warranty on the motor, and one year on the parts/electronics and labour.

Not at all bad in this price range where 90 day warranties are still all too common.

Nordic Track 2200 R Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Nordic Track 2200 R Treadmill review found a lot to like in this treadmill, particularly at the $999.00 sale price. I wouldn’t pay the full $1,599.00 for it, though.

The Reflex Deck is very good, the build quality is not bad, the warranties are generous and for a low to mid-price folding treadmill, it’s actually pretty stable.

The electronics and workout features are admittedly nice, but shouldn’t be a key feature when you’re reviewing treadmills so don’t let the flashing lights distract you!

The motor, deck and build quality are far more important.

Where the 2200 R struggles is in the power department. Our Nordic Track 2200 R Treadmill review would conclude that 2.0 HP is really only adequate for walkers and occasional joggers, not serious runners.

All in all, though this is a good value machine at under $1,000.

However, I’d suggest you take a look at the Sole F63 treadmill which is a similar price and has a 2.5HP motor, or the outstanding Sole F80 treadmill a few hundred dollars more, before buying.

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