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Nordic Track CX938 Elliptical Trainer

Nordic Track CX938 Elliptical Trainer Review

Our Nordic Track CX938 Elliptical Trainer review investigates an elliptical at the lower-priced end of the spectrum – is it fit for purpose?

Well, Nordic Track have certainly packed a lot of features into this budget elliptical trainer and for the price, the CX938 looks like a value for money investment.

However, in the world of ellipticals you get what you pay for and in my experience, machines under the $1,000 mark tend to be a bit flimsy, wobbly and break down in a matter of months with regular use.

So, if your budget is limited and you’re in the market for an economy trainer is the CX 938 a good choice?

Nordic Track CX938 Elliptical Trainer Review – Features

Nordic Track CX938 Elliptical Trainer

The CX938 retails for $899.00, and whilst the build quality is acceptable at this price, it will feel significantly less durable and stable than the elliptical you may train on at the gym – but that’s hardly a fair comparison! For limited home use it’s likely to outlast the warranties.Nordic Track have a reputation for giving you a lot for your money and our Nordic Track CX938 Elliptical Trainer review found this entry level model to be no exception.

It weighs in at 181lbs making the CX938 easy enough to move around but its mobilty is at the expense of stability – it feels a little wobbly if set up on a deep carpet.

However, with a 250lb user limit, it should be able to accomodate most home exercisers.

At 23″ wide x 76″ long it’s not small, but most homes should have a room with the space in which to fit the machine.

The CX938 has a rear drive flywheel, which I like and Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR), which I’m less keen on.

SMR is not as good as an eddy current brake (ECB) system, but it’s surprisingly quiet and smooth nonetheless.

The 18″ stride length is quite generous and will give a lengthy elliptical motion sufficient for most people under 6′ tall.

The CX938 comes with upper body workout levers, which are smooth enough and work your arms, shoulders and chest reasonably well.

If you like electronic gadgets, this model comes with 10 workout programs, cardio grip pulse sensors, a carb counter, a training zone indicator and a nice bright 7″ x 10″ backlit display console.

It’s also iFit.com compatible, so that you can download workout programs if the 10 it comes with aren’t enough!

There are also cooling fans and an autobreeze setting (the harder you work, the faster the fans go!), which for me are really a waste of time – rather noisy and not very cooling!

One problem that our Nordic Track CX938 Elliptical Trainer review found was the problem people had in putting the thing together.

Try the CX938 in a store and you may be tempted to take one home with you – then you have to put it together!

The CX938 has a one year warranty on the frame, motor, parts and labour, which is OK in this price range and beats the practically worthless 90 day warranties that many sub-$1,000 elliptical trainers come with.

If you want to cut out the middleman and secure the greatest discount, the Nordic Track CX938 Elliptical Trainer is currently being sold at WorkoutWarehouse for $899.00, plus shipping at $85.00.

Workout Warehouse have frequent sales, so check out the website for the current price.

Nordic Track CX938 Elliptical Trainer Review – The Bottom Line…

If you’re in the market for a feature-packed treadmill with a budget price tag, then our Nordic Track CX938 Elliptical Trainer review would conclude that this model is worth checking out.

Granted, you’d be buying an economy elliptical and would have to accept a few compromises on build quality and peformance.

But this is no flimsy future clothes horse and should provide a smooth, comfortable workout for many months to come.

I always hesitate to recommend lower-priced exercise equipment, but the CX938 is a genuine contender in this price range – as long as you can assemble the thing!

For more information and the latest prices on the Nordic Track CX938 visit WorkoutWarehouse.

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