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Nordic Track CX985 Elliptical Trainer

Nordic Track CX985 Elliptical Trainer Review

Our Nordic Track CX985 Elliptical Trainer review takes a look at an elliptical under $1,000 with an adjustable incline and resistance – does it perform?

As with the entry level Nordic Track CX938 Elliptical Trainer, Nordic Track has crammed a host of features into this lower priced elliptical trainer. For instance, it’s unusual to find an incline option on an elliptical at this price.

As with the CX938, you get what you pay for and machines under the $1,000 mark can be anything but smooth, stable and durable investments.

However, Nordic Track is a hugely popular brand in this price range and their ellipticals get generally positive reviews from users on a number of websites.

So, if you’re looking for a value for money elliptical under $1,000, should the CX985 be on your shortlist?

Nordic Track CX985 Elliptical Trainer Review – Features

Nordic Track CX985 Elliptical Trainer

Although retailing for $949.00, we found this model for as low as $719.10.Nordic Track are well known for producing exercise equipment jam-packed full of features at an affordable price. Our Nordic Track CX985 Elliptical Trainer review found this model to be consistent with this trend.

The build quality is surprisingly good for the price, and it feels quite durable and stable – but don’t expect a club quality elliptical trainer!

The selling point for the CX985 is the 1 Step Power 1-10% Incline and the 1 Step Power Resistance.

Basically, the incline and resistance automatically adjust depending on how intense your workout is.

The CardioGrip (handlebar heart rate sensor) monitors your heart rate and changes the incline and resistance to increase or maintain your workout intensity.

This is a nice feature and unusual on ellipticals at this price. It’s more than a gimmick, as a heart control feature can optimise your workout so that you can both get fitter and burn more fat and calories.

At the business end, the CX985 has a rear drive flywheel and Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR). SMR is not as good as an eddy current brake (ECB) system, but it is both smooth and quiet on this elliptical.

The 18″ stride length is adequate for most people and you can’t really expect 20″ on machines at this price.

On the downside, the CX985 doesn’t come with upper body workout levers, so you won’t benefit from the whole body workout that many machines at this price offer.

As with the CX938, if electronic features are your bag then the CX985 doesn’t disappoint.

You get eight workout programs and iFit.com compatibilty if you need to download more, a carb counter, a training zone indicator and a nice club-style Navigator Console.

You also get some cooling fans – which I’d switch off as they’re noisy once you get going and make hearing the TV at a reasonable volume difficult!

The CX985 has a one year warranty on the frame, motor, parts and labour, which is not bad at this price.

If you want to get the CX985 at the biggest discount, it’s currently on sale at WorkoutWarehouse for $719.10, although shipping costs an extra $85.00.

Workout Warehouse have frequent sales, so check out the website for the current price.

Nordic Track CX985 Elliptical Trainer Review – The Bottom Line…

If you’re searching for an elliptical with a generous array of features for under $1,000, then our Nordic Track CX985 Elliptical Trainer review would conclude that this model is worth a look.

Ok, you don’t get an upper body workout option and there are the inevitable compromises on performance, stability, build quality and durability.

However, the incline and resistance features will add intensity to your workout and the heart control feature will help to ensure that you’re training at optimal levels.

At this price you trade features. You can’t have it all and you’ll need to decide what’s important for you.

Ellipticals for under $1,000 are always a mixed bag and there are some duffers out there, which is why I always hesitate to recommend economy exercise equipment.

The CX985 is a solid enough contender, though, and should provide a decent workout for the price.

For more information and the latest prices on the Nordic Track CX985 visit WorkoutWarehouse.

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