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Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill Review

Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill Review

Last Modified and Updated at May 11, 2017

Our Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill review takes a look at a treadmill with a built in flat screen TV – but does it provide a good workout?

Are you bored with you treadmill machine? If you get bored spending hours on an exercise machine, then the Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill may provide the right solution to ease your weight loss program.

The selling point of this treadmill is the TV and speakers built into the console. It’s rare to find a feature like this on treadmills costing much less than $4,000. Finding one on a mid-price treadmill is pretty unique.

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However, you’re looking to invest in a treadmill, not a home entertainment system – right? – so how does the Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill stack up?

Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill Features

Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill Review
The 7″ flat screen monitor and speakers are built right into the console. You can display your workout stats on it or simply watch TV.Although selling for $1,599.00, whilst researching our Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill review we found this model for as low as $1,299.00 – and to get a TV with your treadmill at this price is highly unusual!

Whilst the picture quality is not bad, 7″ is pretty small to watch whilst pounding away and you’re going to struggle a bit for detail.
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Another concern I have is by including a not-inexpensive feature like a TV and sound system on a treadmill at this price, what compromises have been made elsewhere in the machine?

Well, you get a 2.5HP motor, which isn’t bad at this price and delivers a top running speed of up to 12mph.

There’s a nice, responsive deck, with good cushioning – Nordic Track’s Dura Soft V – with a belt measuring 55″ x 20″.

This is about average at this price and sufficient for most people. If you’re much over 6′, you may want to look for a treadmill with a belt around 60″ long.

The Viewpoint 2800 is designed to take users up to 350lbs, which is testament to the treadmill’s build quality.

The deck inclines to 12%, which will increase your workout intensity, although the top speed of 12mph should be enough for most joggers.

The 2800 is a folding treadmill, which is a boon for home users with limited space.

AirLight Lift Assist feature helps folding it Easily:

It’s also very easy to fold up with the Air Light Lift Assist feature. Folded up, it takes up surprisingly little room.

You get all the electronic features found on other Nordic Track treadmills, such as a Personal Profile Centre, an odometer with a My Miles tracker, a Training Zone indicator, a carb counter…

Ifit.com compatible:

It’s also iFit.com compatible, so you can download more workout programs if the 18 it comes with aren’t enough!

If you’re after a TV and loads of electronic gadgets to plan and monitor your workout, then this may well be the machine for you!

Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 front view

However, for me the TV, electronics and controls come second to the features that really matter…I’d trade them in for a stronger frame, longer deck and an extra 0.5HP of power in the motor!

The Viewpoint 2800 does score reasonably well though, for its warranties. A lifetime warranty on the motor, and one year on the parts/electronics and labor.

Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill review found a fair bit to like about this treadmill.

The cushioned deck is very good, the build quality makes for a fairly stable, solid treadmill and the warranties are ok for the price, if not class-leading.

The real selling points for the Viewpoint 2800, though, are the TV, electronics and workout features. Sure they’re nice features at this price, but they shouldn’t be the reasons you buy a treadmill!

The motor, deck and build quality are far more important and this is a respectable but average treadmill on those fronts.

For instance, our Nordic Track Viewpoint 2800 Treadmill review would conclude that where the 2800 struggles a little is in the power department. You can check this youtube video about this here.

2.5 HP is certainly adequate for walkers and joggers, but perhaps not for serious runners. For $1,599 I’d want a treadmill I could run on!

All in all, though this is a pretty good value machine at the sale price.

However, I’d suggest you take a look at the Sole F80 Treadmill which is a similar price and has a 2.5HP motor, or the Sole F83 Treadmill, a few hundred dollars more, before buying.

I’d suggest you spend your money on a treadmill without a TV – as you’ll get more treadmill for your money – and set it in front of the TV you’ve already got!


If you still have any query don’t hesitate to contact us to share your experience using this amazing machine.

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