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ProForm Perspective 1.0 LX Treadmill Review

Our ProForm Perspective 1.0 LX treadmill review examines one of ProForm’s higher end models – is it worth the money?

That would depend on whether having a 7″ TV screen and a few other electronic gimmicks could make a reasonable but workmanlike treadmill worth the near $1,600 price tag.

Basically, ProForm make low end, budget treadmills for the home exercise market.

In the Perspective 1.0 LX they are attempting to make inroads into the equally competitive mid-range market – trouble is, this market is already occupied by some truly outstanding treadmills from companies like Sole and Smooth.

So, can the ProForm Perspective 1.0 LX treadmill cut it…?

ProForm Perspective 1.0 LX Treadmill Review – Features…


ProForm should be congratulated for providing so much for the money. The trouble is, the treadmills themselves aren’t anything special.As you may already know, one of the attractions of ProForm treadmills is the wide array of features they come loaded with – all at relatively low prices.

Our ProForm Perspective 1.0 LX treadmill review would suggest that this trend continues with this model.

It’s not a bad machine, it’s just that at $1,599.00 there are much better treadmills around.

So what do you get…?

The unique selling point would appear to be the 7″ TV and speakers built into the console. You can both watch TV on it or simply use the screen to monitor your workout.

It’s a nice feature and rare in this price range.

In addition you get electronic features like QuickSpeed and Power Incline controls – the Perspective 1.0 LX inclines to 12%.

There’s also an EKG heart rate monitor, 12 built in workouts with optional iFit.com workouts to download if you’re needing more choice. There are also the cooling fans fitted as standard on most ProForm treadmills.

These features are certainly useful and make the Perspective 1.0 LX an attractive proposition to potential buyers – but what about the more important factors you need to consider when assessing a treadmill?

For starters, you get a 2.25 HP continuous duty motor, which takes you up to 12mph – really the minimum you need in a treadmill if you’re going to do much more than walk or jog on it.

The treadbelt is a reasonable 55″ x 20″, but you’d really expect a longer belt at this price.

55″ is just about enough to acommodate taller users although those with a longer stride length would be better off with a 60″ belt.

The ProShox cushioning on the deck is not at all bad and provides a comfortable running surface.

Our ProForm Perspective 1.0 LX treadmill review would suggest that you could use this treadmill day in, day out for long workouts without any discernable discomfort.

The build quality is also pretty decent, but you’d expect that on a treadmill at this price, as you would the claimed 300lb user weight capacity.

The Perspective 1.0 LX folds up, essential if you’ve limited space at home. The SpaceSaver design means that when folded, the treadmill is easy enough to store.

The AirLight lift assist feature makes folding and unfolding the treadmill easy and straightforward.

The ProForm Perspective 1.0 LX treadmill comes with a generous 15 year warranty on the motor, although parts and labour appear to be the standard 90 days.

On the whole, this is a pretty decent offering from ProForm, although I wouldn’t pay the full $1,599.00 for it.

For the same price – or less on sale – there are a couple of Sole folding treadmills that have bigger motors, better decks and cushioning, far superior build quality and class leading warranties – check out the Sole F63 Treadmill or the outstanding Sole F80 Treadmill.

At the sale price, the Perspective 1.0 LX might be worth considering.

ProForm Perspective 1.0 LX Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our ProForm Perspective 1.0 LX treadmill review would suggest that ProForm have a bit of a dilemma with this model.

As with all ProForm treadmills, you certainly get a lot of features and on the face of it, the Perspective 1.0 LX would appear to offer value for money.

However, whilst ProForm make competitive, if not particularly outstanding budget treadmills, they are dipping their toes into more dangerous waters in this price range.

Sure, this is one of the better treadmills in the ProForm line up and offers buyers a well put together, stable, durable machine with a TV.

The problem is, for the same money you can get a Sole treadmill which gives you so much more for your money – no TV, but a near commercial grade treadmill that is a proven performer.

All in all, our ProForm Perspective 1.0 LX treadmill review would conclude that at the sale price this is a decent treadmill, packed with features that if you want a built in TV, offers pretty good value.

For me, though, for the same price – or a few dollars more – you can get so much more for your money.

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