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Smooth CE 2.1 Elliptical Trainer

Smooth CE 2.1 Elliptical Trainer Review

Our Smooth CE 2.1 elliptical trainer review looks at the introductory model to this popular range of ellipticals – is it a good choice?

Smooth has become ubiquitous on the internet, successfully using it to establish a preeminent prescence as far as exercise equipment is concerned.

Treadmills are what Smooth is good at and their range is fantastic. However, their ellipticals leave me a little disappointed and feel a little like a work in progress.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re way better than the bulk of the distinctly average competition in the mid-price range but are not really on the same level as the best of the rest, like Sole or Spirit for instance.

The CE 2.1 is a case in point. For me, whilst a decent enough machine it lacks the star quality that I would expect of Smooth.

It smacks somewhat of a company that’s grown large and successful and doesn’t really feel it has to try quite as hard anymore, being able to trade on its name and reputation instead.

So, what led us to this conclusion?

Smooth CE 2.1 Elliptical Trainer Review – Features…

Smooth CE 2.1 Elliptical Trainer

Our Smooth CE 2.1 elliptical trainer review would suggest that it also feels like a few too many compromises have been made to sell it at this price, usually around $1,499.The Smooth CE 2.1 builds upon the original Smooth CE elliptical. Whilst better in a number of areas, it perhaps hasn’t advanced as much in terms of design and build quality as I would have expected.

The CE 2.1 is a rear drive machine with an electromagnetic braking system that offers a reasonably quiet, smooth – naturally! – ride and a nice fluid, natural motion. There’s no jerkiness to the ride and the machine feels very comfortable to use.

At this price, though I would expect eddy current braking (ECB).

The pivoting foot pedals work well and do enhance the ride quality.

The dual action upper body workout handles are an essential feature on an elliptical trainer and offer the option of a whole body workout that enhances any fitness or weight loss program.

The build quality, despite the heavy guage steel frame is no better than average in this price range and the design of the CE 2.1 doesn’t convey an image of great solidity, although it’s stable enough when in use.

There are a generous 16 resistance levels, which adds greater flexibilty to your workout.

There are also nine preset workout programs, if you want more variety than a manual program can offer.

The LCD display is ok, but again not as high a spec as I’d expect on a $1,500 machine.

The warranties are pretty generous with lifetime warranties on the frame and brake, two years on the parts and one year on labour.

You can pick up a Smooth elliptical pretty much everywhere on the internet. Our Smooth CE 2.1 elliptical trainer review found it for £1,299 at Treadmills Central.

Smooth CE 2.1 Elliptical Trainer Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Smooth CE 2.1 elliptical trainer review is good in parts – it’s not bad but doesn’t really stand out from the crowd.

People who like the Smooth brand will buy it because it’s a Smooth. However, there are far better options offering better value for money if you’re in the market for a $1,000-$1,500 elliptical.

If I had to sum the CE 2.1 up, a little better than average would do it.

For more information and to check out the current price you may want to visit Treadmills Central.

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