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Smooth Elliptical Trainer Review

our Smooth elliptical trainer review looks at the elliptical offerings from one of the most popular internet exercise equipment retailers – but are they any good?

Smooth are everywhere on the internet, but as one of the first companies to exploit the potential of this medium for selling exercise equipment that’s hardly surprising.

Smooth started off making treadmills, of which there’s now a wide range and generally they are excellent, having benefited from the opportunities offered by manufacturing in the far east.

The elliptical range is more modest but sells well nonetheless, largely due to Smooth’s emphasis upon producing feature packed, well built ellipticals at value for money prices.

If you’re in the market for a quality elliptical trainer, do Smooth offer the best package?

Smooth Elliptical Trainer Review – Introduction to the Range…

Treadmills are the real strength of Smooth Fitness and justifiably so. However, the relatively recent addition of a range of ellipticals has opened up a lucrative new market in which Smooth are sure to prove competitive.

At present the range consists of the:

Smooth CE 2.1 Elliptical Trainer
Smooth CE 3.2 Elliptical Trainer
Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical Trainer

Smooth ellipticals retail from $1,499 for the CE 2.1 up to $3,297 for the CE 7.4. However, we found them from $1,299 to $2,499, putting them very firmly in the highly competitive mid-price bracket.

So how do they compare to the competition?

Smooth Elliptical Trainer Review – Features…

Given the status of the Smooth brand and the unquestionable popularity of their exercise equipment, I really expected more.Hmm, not as well as I would have predicted.

Not that Smooth ellipticals are bad machines, just a bit average on the whole.

Smooth ellipticals are all rear drive machines and are quite distinctive in appearence.

I have to say, though, that at first glance they look a bit flimsy, particularly the CE 2.1 and CE 3.2, which are essentially the same machine.

However, when you step on them they’re stable enough, but I don’t quite get the same impression of solidity that say a Sole elliptical¬†offers.

The drive systems, build quality and array of features that each model comes with are OK.

However, given the prices they’re fairly average when compared to the competition.

The CE 2.1 and CE 3.2 in particular are pretty basic, although the CE 7.4 is a much better proposition.

Quite whether it’s a better buy than the market leading $2,000 plus ellipticals is another question, however.

The warranties are not at all bad, although not the most generous in class.

I do have a feeling that the two cheaper models may be susceptible to wear and tear and would want a decent warranty just in case.

Smooth Elliptical Trainer Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Smooth elliptical trainer review leaves us a little disappointed.

Smooth’s reputation precedes it and in the case of their treadmills is quite justified.

I would suggest that they’ve a little bit more work to do on the ellipticals, though.

They’re certainly not bad and are reasonably priced, but for the money there are better ellipticals around.

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