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Sole s77 treadmill

Sole S77 Treadmill Review

Our Sole S77 treadmill review looks at an outstanding, cost effective, non-folding treadmill from Sole that’s suitable for serious runners – how does it measure up?

Sole is one of the best manufacturers of commercial quality, mid price treadmills offering exceptional value for home users.

The S77 is one example of why Sole treadmills have received so many plaudits from both satisfied customers and reviewers alike.

The S77 is essentially the brilliant F85 folding treadmill without the Easy Fold system necessary to fold the machine up – so how does the S77 shape up?

Sole S77 Treadmill Review – Features…

Sole s77 treadmill
The S77 shares the same frame, powerful 3.5 Hp motor, 12mph max running speed, excellent Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, big 2 3/4″ rollers, 15% incline facility and generous dimensions. I’ve no wish to repeat myself, so check out our F85 review for an in depth look at this model.

There is really one main difference – the lack of a folding mechanism, which results in arguably a slightly more stable machine than the F85, although I doubt you’d notice!

Without the folding mechanism you’d think the S77 would be lighter, but it weighs in at the same 280lbs, which adds to its stability and solid feel.

As with the S73 if you have the space to leave your treadmill set up and have no need to fold it away when not in use, then you may be tempted to invest in the non-folding S77 rather than the folding F85.

The dimensions of the S77 are the same though, with a 78″ long by 30″ wide deck and 58″ by 20″ running surface.

For most people, the couple of inches difference won’t be noticed, but it may be a factor for taller runners for whom a bigger deck may be more acommodating.

In the light of our Sole S77 treadmill review, this machine provides outstanding value for money and is as good a non-folding treadmill as you’ll get in it’s price range.

Whatsmore, you get Sole’s class leading warranty – lifetime warranties on the motor, deck and frame, a five year warranty on the electronics, belt and rollers and a two year labour warranty.


Sole S77 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Sole S77 treadmill review would conclude that this is just about the best non-folding treadmill in the $2,000-$2,500 range – at the sale price of $1,899.99 it’s unbeatable value!

The S77 delivers quite superb performance on every level…performance that would be hard to beat in a treadmill costing nearly twice as much!

Granted, this is not the machine to buy if you’re looking for a basic model – check out some of the cheaper models in the Sole treadmill range for more suitable options.

But if you’re a serious runner, looking for a heavy duty treadmill that will provide the all round performance you need and with a 3.5 HP motor that will take the strain of long, fast-paced runs, then this is the baby for you.


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