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Spirit XE 150 Elliptical Trainer Review

Spirit XE 150 Elliptical Trainer Review

Our Spirit XE 150 elliptical trainer review takes a look at an outstanding elliptical in the low to mid-price bracket – just why is it so good?

The XE 150 is the entry level model in the range, which also includes theĀ XE 350 and XE 550.

They’re all essentially the same machine, with a few extras and cosmetic changes in the two more expensive models.

Spirit are owned by Dyaco, which also owns Sole, and the XE 150 is pretty much the same as the superb Sole E35.

When compared to the competition, it’s hard to understand how Spirit can make such a great elliptical trainer that ticks pretty much all the boxes in this price range, when other brands struggle to come close to offering as much for the price.

So what makes the XE 150 stand out from the competition?

Spirit XE 150 Elliptical Trainer Review – Features

Spirit XE 150 Elliptical Trainer Review

Step on the machine and it becomes immediately apparent that the quality is more than skin deep.At first glance, the XE 150 looks like a well built, well designed, solid elliptical.

The XE 150 is a front drive machine, with a heavy 30lb flywheel that contributes to its stability.

Ally that to the excellent eddy current brake (ECB) resistance system and the articulating pedals, and the result is a smooth flowing elliptical motion free of any hint of jerkiness.

The ride is extremely comfortable and there’s no hint of stress or strain on the lower body joints.

There are 16 resistance levels that increase in relatively small increments so that the progression between resistance levels gradually increases the intensity of your workout.

The elliptical is also extremely quiet and makes conversation or listening to music or the TV possible without shouting or disturbing the neighbours.

The generous 20″ stride length will accommodate the tallest of users and adds to the ride quality.

The upper body levers are equally smooth and comfortable to use, giving a decent whole body workout to maximise calorie burn if weight loss is your goal.

There are 14 workout programs, one of which is user defined and which allied to the heart rate monitor and heart control function provides a high degree of flexibility and control over your workout.

The display console is perhaps the only slight niggle as it’s not the best layout I’ve come across – there’s only one window, no message window and no heart rate graphs. Having said that it does the job.

The warranties, however, are spectacular in this price range, with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on the parts and electronics and 2 years on the labour.

Now that demonstrates confidence in the product!

The retail price for the XE 150 is $1,399 but our Spirit XE 150 elliptical trainer review found it for $1,199 at with free shipping.

Spirit XE 150 Elliptical Trainer Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Spirit XE 150 elliptical trainer review would conclude that if you’re looking for a low to mid-price elliptical in the $1,000-$1,500 category, then the XE 150 will be tough to beat.

Add it all up – the build quality, features, warranties, smooth ride and stability – and the XE 150 provides a pretty complete package for the home exerciser.

Our Spirit XE 150 elliptical trainer review verdict? Highly recommended!

For more information and the current price, check out the XE 150 at

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