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Spirit XT200 Treadmill Review

Our Spirit XT200 treadmill review looks at a model from the critically acclaimed XT series aimed at serious home exercisers and priced under $2,000 – good choice?

For just $300 more than the excellent XT10 the XT200 would appear to offer a value for money treadmill aimed at runners wanting to do more than a gentle jog a few times a week.

The big motor, large deck and solid construction provide a glimpse of commercial quality whilst comfortably staying in the mid-price bracket.

So what does the XT200 offer for the best part of $2,000…?

Spirit XT200 Treadmill Review – Features…

Cosmetically it retains the styling common to the lower end models, but introduces a few significant improvements in specification that elevate it above much of the competition.The XT200 is a cleverly designed machine and marks a significant progression in the XT range.


Overall, our Spirit XT200 treadmill review confirmed an impressive level of specification and build quality that is far from common in this price range.

For instance, the business end of any treadmill – and the elements that should always be at the top of any shopping list – are the motor, running surface and frame.

The XT200 is unusual amongst its peers in that it boasts a powerful 3.25 HP continuous duty motor.

A 3.25 HP motor on a treadmill well under $2,000 is almost as rare as a rain-free fortnight at Wimbledon!

This kind of horsepower ensures that the XT200 should appeal to runners with a modest budget but looking for a treadmill on which to crank up the intensity.

The wide 55″ x 20″ belt offers a spacious running surface, although 60″ would provide a better match for the motor.

The 1″ thick, 2 ply belt is the same as that on the XT10, but the big 2.75″ rollers should provide an even smoother ride.

Large rollers like these help to reduce belt friction and the resultant tension that eats away at belt life.

The result is a belt that should last longer and cut down on maintenance costs.

The top speed of 12mph will stretch even the fittest runners, with the 0.1mph increments providing a great deal of control over the belt speed.

As with all the XT series, the deck elevates – in this case to 15% – and ensures a comfortable and firm surface under foot, whether raised or flat.

The last thing you want to do when running flat out is to have to reach for the controls. But I found the speed and elevation controls on the handles conveniently placed and easy to use.

Having 12 quick speed and elevation controls and 10 quick speed programming options leaves you free to concentrate on your workout.

The user friendly theme is reinforced by the XT200’s folding design and four wheels that make the treadmill easy to fold away and move between workouts – useful if space is at a premium.

The user interface is clear and easy to read with a six window, green, LED display, although you have to go up to the XT600 for a message window.

The 10 workout programs, comprising six preset programs, two personal and two heart rate control programs should prove sufficient for most users.

The hands-free chest telemetry belt means you maximise the benefits offered by the heart control programs and it’s accompanied by pulse grip heart rate monitors built into the handles.

The lengthy warranties demonstrate Spirit’s confidence in their products, with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, five years on the parts and two years on the labour.

Spirit XT200 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

I often wonder how Spirit churn out treadmills of this quality at these kind of prices – a 3.25 HP motor on a machine costing under $1,700?

But don’t let the price tag fool you into thinking that corners have been cut in either design or construction – they haven’t.

There’s no compromise on performance either.

What parent company Dyaco has delivered in the Spirit brand are feature packed treadmills that should stand up to the best of the competition.

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