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spirit xt10 treadmill

Spirit XT10 Treadmill Review

Our Spirit XT10 treadmill review examines a top rated model in the crowded under $1,500 category – does it deserve its reputation?

Well, there are a few treadmills that exceed expectations and represent a genuine value for money package that’s difficult to surpass. The XT10 is one such treadmill.

I’m not claiming that it’s the best treadmill in the world, but it’s certainly right up there when you consider what you get for the money.

So what makes it such an attractive option…?

Spirit XT10 Treadmill Review – Features…

This is a vast improvement on the old Spirit range prior to the company’s take over by Dyaco.On the surface, the XT10 looks very similar to the rest of the range, sharing the same clean, sleek styling.

spirit xt10 treadmill

The result is an aesthetically pleasing treadmill that performs as well as it looks.

To start with, there’s the quiet, powerful 2.75 HP continuous duty motor.

A 2.75 HP motor on a treadmill under $1,500 is quite unusual and rather refreshing. You can normally expect no more than 2.25 HP to 2.5 HP.

The extra power makes the XT10 an option for more serious runners on a limited budget.

The wide 55″ x 20″ belt gives sufficient room for all but the tallest runner to stretch their legs on, and the 1″ thick, 2 ply belt should be able to handle some prolonged punishment.

The belt runs on oversized 2.5″ rollers that will reduce the tension on the belt, minimise friction and result in less engine strain and wear and tear on the belt itself.

The maximum speed of 12mph should suit all but the fastest runners and handle even very intense workouts with ease.

The speed increases in 0.1mph increments, which offers a great deal of control when warming up and during a run.

The deck itself is stable and responsive, offering a firm but comfortable running surface.

The power incline smoothly raises the deck to a maximum 15%, enough for all but the most masochistic hill runners!

There are convenient speed and elevation controls on the handles – 12 quick speed and elevation controls and 10 quick speed programming options.

The XT10 has a folding design that facilitates easier storage for home exercisers for whom space is at a premium.

Allied with the four wheels, moving it out of the way between workouts is a breeze.

As for the electronics, the large red LED display console is an improvement on the XT9 and has seven display windows to provide information at a glance as you exercise.

As with the XT9, there are 10 workout programs, including five preset programs, one manual, two personal and two heart rate control programs.

The XT10 has a hands-free chest telemetry belt, which gets the most out of the heart control programs as well as a pulse grip heart rate monitor built into the handles.

The warranties demonstrate Spirit’s confidence in their product, with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, four years on the parts and a year on the labour.

Spirit XT10 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Put simply, if you’re looking for a treadmill for under $1,500 then look no further – you certainly won’t find anything significantly better.

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