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spirit xt9 treadmill

Spirit XT9 Treadmill Review

Our Spirit XT9 treadmill review investigates a very competitive model in the acclaimed Spirit XT series – so how does it stack up against the rest of the range?

Not badly at all – the problem is though, that Spirit gives you so much for your money that for a couple of hundred dollars more you could buy the superb Spirit XT10 which is probably the best treadmill in the under $1,500 price range.

As a result, the XT9 kind of gets caught somewhere in the middle of the base model XT8, which is aimed at the budget market and the XT10 that offers a better package at little extra cost.

spirit xt9 treadmill

That’s not to say that the XT9 isn’t a very good treadmill – it is. It’s just that it occupies a narrow gap in the rangeand suffers a little as a result.

So let’s take a look in more detail…

Spirit XT9 Treadmill Review – Features…

The XT9 is not only an attractive machine, it’s a very generously put together package, which reeks of quality in terms of the build, features and components.The XT9 shares the same styling as the rest of the XT range, which has resulted in a good looking treadmill that bears little resemblance to the old Spirit treadmills of the past.

Take the quiet, 2.5 HP continuous duty motor for starters. A 2.5 HP motor on a treadmill at this price is not that common, 2.0 HP to 2.25 HP being the norm.

It means that if you’re a reasonably serious runner you can get a treadmill for under $1,200 – territory normally occupied by machines with much less powerful drive units suitable for little more than a gentle jog!

The wide 55″ x 20″ is also suited for higher intensity workouts and provides room to stretch out on.

The maximum speed of 10mph is perhaps a little modest and I’d expect a 2.5 HP unit to better that in reality.

The increases in 0.1mph increments are handy and give greater control if small adjustments are required mid-workout.

The oversized 2.5″ rollers are a feature of this end of the XT series and you’ll struggle to find bigger at this price

Why are large rollers important? They minimise wear and tear on the belt as they cause less friction and belt tension, which should extend the belt life as well as providing a smoother ride.

The deck is stable, firm but comfortable to run on and should prove joint-friendly over time.

The power incline smoothly elevates the deck up to 14% and makes incline training an option.

The 12 quick change keys make altering the speed and incline a painless affair.

Our Spirit XT9 treadmill review left me impressed with the overall build quality, which is hardly bettered by the higher end models in the series.

The XT9 folds up, making storage much easier for home users that need the space between workouts and the four wheels make moving it a snap.

The large dot matrix display console is an improvement on the XT8 and the six display windows provide at a glance all the info you need to monitor your workout.

There are 10 workout programs, including five that are preset, as well as one manual, two personal and two heart rate control programs, which provide plenty of choice.

You get a pulse grip heart rate monitor built into the handles, as well as a hands-free chest belt, which gets the most out of the heart control programs.

The warranties are class leading with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, three years on the parts and a year on the labour.

Spirit XT9 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

There’s no question that this is a very, very good treadmill.

The motor, build quality, components and warranties vouch for that.

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