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Spirit Z500 Treadmill Review

Our Spirit Z500 treadmill review evaluates a near commercial-grade machine that appears to be right on the money – should it be near the top of your shopping list?

A recurring theme with Spirit treadmills is the tremendous value for money that the brand offers.

Right the way through the Z series you’ll find well-built, durable, feature-rich treadmills that would offer stiff competition to machines costing nearly twice as much.

I like to think of myself as a very discerning consumer and whilst I don’t expect something for nothing, I know a great deal when I see it.


The Z500 is one such example of a product that should really be selling for more.

Add in the online discounts available and you’re looking at a genuine bargain.

So what you may ask leads me to that conclusion?

Spirit Z500 Treadmill Review – Features…

To stand out, a manufacturer has to offer that little bit more to prospective customers.The market for treadmills costing up to $2,000 is extremely congested and as such the competition for buyers is ferocious.

Now, gimmicks are one way to go, but for me providing more of the basics is the true path to a healthy market share – the motor, deck, frame and overall build quality.

Spirit’s investment in these areas is what makes them such a compelling purchase.

With this model, our Spirit Z500 treadmill review would suggest they’ve got the total package pretty much bang on.

The Z500 comes equipped with a powerful 3.0 HP motor that should suit even more serious athletes and will be more than adequate for home exercisers.

The generous 58″ x 20″ running surface, comfortable and responsive cushion flex deck, 1″ thick belt, 12mph top speed and 15% power incline add up to a package that will facilitate quality workouts time after time.

The substantial 2.75″ rollers are rare in this price bracket and pretty much guarantee a smooth ride.

They’ll help extend the life of the belt through reduced friction-induced wear and tear.

The Z500 has a power fold up feature and can be stowed away when not in use – a feature worth having when space is at a premium.

The six window, tri-colour dot matrix display is an improvement on the consoles on the cheaper Z series models and features a nice 16 character message window.

There’s also a heart rate graph on the console so that you can monitor your heart rate whilst you exercise.

This nicely supplements the two heart rate control programs that automatically adjust belt speed to keep you in your chosen training zone. There’s a heart rate autopilot feature too.

The chest strap for hands-free heart rate monitoring complements these features and are more convenient than the pulse grip heart rate monitor handles.

There are a further eight workout programs, two of which are user defined.

You also get 10 one touch program keys and 12 quick speed and elevation controls that are built into the handles.

To provide additional on board entertainment options whilst you exercise there’s also an MP3 interface and stereo speakers.

Finally, there are the excellent warranties – a lifetime warranty on the frame, 30 years on the motor, five years on the parts and electronics and one year on the labour.

Spirit Z500 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Whilst I strive to be objective in all my reviews, it’s really very difficult to be critical of the Z500.

Every once in a while a manufacturer gets everything pretty much spot on and comes out with a product that deserves the plaudits that come its way.


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