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spirit z700 treadmill

Spirit Z700 Treadmill Review

Our Spirit Z700 treadmill review looks at a tremendous machine suitable for light commercial use – but what about the average home user?

Whilst it probably isn’t going to stand up to the daily rigours of a busy gym, the Z700 is near commercial quality and more than capable of handling your daily workout.

This is a very similar machine to the excellent Z500 with one notable difference – it doesn’t fold up.

spirit z700 treadmill

So what are the implications for the home exerciser?

Spirit Z700 Treadmill Review – Features…

Well, there are two considerations, really!

Firstly, a folding treadmill gives you the option of folding up the deck to free up floor space when the treadmill is not in use and to make storage between workouts less of a problem.

However, the folding feature is often at the expense of stability – having a fixed deck means a more solid base than one that folds.

Also, the folding mechanism adds greater complexity and moving parts to the design, which means a price premium and more parts to break or go wrong.

If you have the space then a non-folding treadmill may be the better option.

My experience with Spirit treadmills is that there’s no discernable difference in ride quality or stability between the two designs, so it’s more an issue of price and personal preference.

As with the Z500, our Spirit Z700 treadmill review found an exceptional machine that provides ample evidence of Spirit’s philosophy of designing and building quality machines at value for money prices.

The Z700 is fitted with the same powerful 3.0 HP motor as the Z500 and will suit casual and serious exercisers alike.

The 55″ x 20″ running surface is slightly shorter than the Z500’s, but there’s the same responsive cushion flex deck that’s kind to your joints, 1″ thick belt, 12mph top speed and 15% power incline.

The large 2.75″ rollers smooth out the travel of the belt and improve ride quality and belt life.

The six window, tri-colour dot matrix display is also identical to the Z500’s, with a 16 character message window and heart rate graph that displays your heart rate during your workout.

You get 10 workout programs, six of which are preset, two are user defined and two heart rate control programs.

The latter adjust the speed of the belt automatically to keep your heart rate in the optimum training zone, and works well with the hands-free heart rate monitor chest-strap.

There are also pulse grip heart rate monitor handles as well as 10 one touch program keys and 12 quick speed and elevation controls built into the handles.

As with the Z500 you also get an MP3 interface and stereo speakers that provide another workout entertainment option.

Lastly, the class-leading warranties include a lifetime warranty on the frame, 30 years on the motor, five years on the parts and electronics and one year on the labour.

Spirit Z700 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Again, Spirit comes good with another quality addition to its outstanding Z series of treadmills.

The choice you need to make with the Z700 is whether you need the option of folding the deck away between workouts or not.

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If space is not an issue then our Spirit Z700 treadmill review would suggest that this model should be somewhere near the top of your shopping list.

The build quality, motor, components and design are all excellent and apart from the superb Sole S77 treadmill, the Z700 is probably the best non-folding treadmill in this price range.


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