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Spirit Z900 Treadmill Review

Our Spirit Z900 treadmill review investigates a great looking machine that promises near commercial quality performance at an affordable price – does it deliver?

You won’t get a treadmill intended for home use much closer to the treadmill at your local gym than the Z900.

Whilst it’s not quite designed for the daily punishmement of dozens of daily workouts, it shares many of the features you’d expect of a commercial machine.

However, it does so at around half the price.


This is a similar machine to the excellent Z700 and shares the same non-folding design.

So, does the Z900 offer a good package for the home exerciser?

Spirit Z900 Treadmill Review – Features…

The beauty of folding treadmills is the option of folding up the deck to make storage between workouts easier.One of the main considerations for home exercisers when choosing a treadmill is space – how much have you got in which to house a big piece of exercise equipment?

However, the folding feature can compromise the treadmill’s stability as well as adding extra parts that can increase the price and the chances of something breaking.

If you have the space, then a non-folding treadmill may offer the better option.

In my experience, though, there’s virtually no difference in stability between the folding and non-folding Spirit treadmills.

However, why pay the extra for a folding deck when you’re not going to fold up the treadmill?

Anyway, if you were to go for the Z900 you’re unlikely to be disappointed – it’s a tremendous machine.

our Spirit Z900 treadmill review left me mightily impressed with the build quality and performance. Quite how Spirit can turn it out at this price is a mystery.

The Z900 comes equipped with a powerful 3.0 HP motor that achieves an effortless top speed of 12mph – enough for all but the speediest sprinters!

The generous 60″ x 20″ running surface allows the tallest of runners to really stretch out and combined with the excellent cushion flex deck, should ensure mile after mile of comfortable exercise.

The oversized 3″ rollers are rare in this price bracket and provide a smooth surface for the 1″ thick belt to travel over.

By evening out the ride, the rollers should help to prolong the life of the belt.

The six window, tri-colour dot matrix display with a 16 character message window and heart rate graph provides everything you need to know about your workout and is clear and easy to read.

The Z900 has 10 workout programs, six of which are preset with two user defined and two heart rate control programs.

The latter is a useful feature and adjusts the treadmill’s speed automatically to keep your heart rate in your preferred training zone.

It’s complemented by the hands-free heart rate monitor chest-strap.

There are also pulse grip heart rate monitor handles as well as 10 one touch program keys and 12 quick speed and elevation controls built into the handles.

The Z900 has a 15% incline feature if you fancy adding a spell of hill-training to your fitness or weight loss program.

As with the Z700 you also get an MP3 interface and stereo speakers built into the dash for music whilst you train.

Finally, the warranties, which are the best in this price range with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 30 years on the motor, five years on the parts and electronics and one year on the labor.

Spirit Z900 Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

It’s hard to fault the Z900 and if you don’t need the folding option, this outstanding machine should provide years of trouble-free workouts.

Our Spirit Z900 treadmill review would conclude that everything about this model is first rate – the motor, components, deck, build quality, good looks…

If you’re in the market for a non-folding treadmill in the $2,000-$2,500 range, then this and the excellent Sole TT8 should top your list.

In short, Spirit has come up trumps again.

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