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Bowflex Revolution Reviews

Bowflex Revolution Review

Our Bowflex Revolution review takes a look at a versatile home gym designed to provide a whole body workout in the comfort of your own home – sounds good, but does it deliver?

Well, it most certainly does…and on so many levels.

This is a very different home gym that uses advanced technology to provide a demanding workout that rivals anything I’ve come across in a commercial gym.

Once you get past the slightly unusual design and configuration you’ll be amazed at how such a compact piece of kit packs in so many exercise options – it’s even got a seriously smooth rower for an aerobic workout once you get finished on the resistance training.

So, what about the specification…?

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Bowflex Revolution Review – Specification

  • Model: Revolution
  • Length: 9′ 4″ (284cm)
  • Width: 3″ 2″ (97cm)
  • Height: 6′ 1″(185cm)
  • Folded footprint: 55″ x 38″ (140cm x 97cm)
  • Workout area: 10′ x 7′
  • Workouts: 100+
  • Resistance: 220lbs (can upgrade to 300lbs, 600lbs on leg press)
  • Weights included: Yes – SpiraFlex plates
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Price: Around $2,999

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Bowflex Revolution Review – Any Good…?

Oh, yes. If you’re looking for a compact home gym to fit in a spare room then the Bowflex Revolution is as good as anything on the market at the moment. And if you need the space back after your workout – it even folds up!

We like the Revolution on so many levels its difficult to know where to start.

The build quality is commercial quality, the 10 year warranty is testament to that and you really will feel like you’re on a machine at your local gym, not in your spare bedroom.

The sheer variety of exercise options is also a big plus – not that you’re likely to use them all, but they’re there if you want them.

Most of the core movements are included, although traditional free weights enthusiasts will undoubtedly take some convincing that the Bowflex Revolution will replace a bench and squat rack!

And with some justification as this isn’t a home gym targeted at hard core body builders. Its aimed more at serious fitness enthusiast looking for a killer whole body conditioning programme as well as people on weight loss programs looking to reshape and tone.

You can press, curl and extend to your heart’s content, but the addition of a rowing machine is a masterstroke, providing a cardiovascular workout by simply lowering the bench and turning yourself around.

The resistance is supplied by the patented SpiraFlex plates, based on technology developed for use in space to fight the effects of muscle atrophy and our Bowflex Revolution review rates these very highly.

The plates are much lighter than traditional weight plates and incorporate coiled bands that provide the resistance.

The result is a very smooth, consistent level of resistance through the entire range of motion – very similar to free weights, in fact.

If you’re comparing SpiraFlex plates to PowerRods, Bowflex’s other mode of resistance the main difference we found is that the plates offer the same level of resistance through a movement from start to finish. Whereas the rods provide greater resistance the more they bend.

They’re both good, but the SpiraFlex plates shade it for us.

Bowflex Revolution Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Bowflex Revolution review would recommend this brilliant piece of kit to anyone looking for a compact home gym that will provide a serious workout to complement any fitness or weight loss regime.

Ignore the hype on the TV infomercials, this machine delivers on all levels and its versatility is truly amazing. We loved it.

The only downside is the price, which may well put people off in the current economic climate. However, you get what you pay for and the Revolution covers all the bases extremely well.

Would we buy one? Absolutely – this home gym would be near the top of our list.

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