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ediets review

eDiets Review – Is eDiets Worth a Try?

This eDiets review should give you a pretty good idea as to what this impressive online weight loss program is all about…and, despite being the old cynics we are, it really is a fantastic weight loss resource!

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard of eDiets?

Well for those of you who haven’t stumbled across them yet, subscribe to eDiets for a low weekly fee and you have access to a virtual goldmine of weight loss plans, fitness programs, informative articles, expert support and advice…the list goes on and on.

ediets review

The choice is phenomenal – 25 different diet plans to choose from, all personalized for you…your goals, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, particular health challenges…

Simply enter your information and your personalized journey towards a healthier, leaner, lighter you begins!

eDiets Review – What are eDiets?

eDiets started in Florida in 1996 and has since amassed over 2 million members. eDiets is also established in several other countries. For instance, in the UK it has linked up with the leading supermarket chain Tesco and is called TescoDiets.

The company has an impressive array of endorsements and glowing reviews from the likes of Forbes and PC Magazine.

eDiets is probably the number one name in online weight loss and offers a staggering array of plans and support for people looking to lose weight, improve their health and fitness, their self esteem and lifestyle.

You simply register for as little as $2.99, complete a short profile and choose from the 24 different programs.

Fancy a GI Diet, Mediterranean Diet, the Mayo Clinic Plan…what about a low fat diet, a low sodium diet, a Heart Smart Plan, a Vegetarian Plan?

Need an exercise program? Need to develop the right mental attitude and approach to food that will help you lose the weight and keep it off?

The choice is truly impressive as this eDiets review shows and whichever you choose, you get a plan personalized for you.

eDiets Review – So how does eDiets Work…?

Simple. Complete a questionnaire…you know, the usual stuff – height, weight, likes, dislikes, personal history, current activity levels, time to prepare meals and so on.

You get a personal and very comprehensive plan, you pay your subscription (prices start at $2.99 a week for the diet plan and then increase as you add different components like an exercise plan or dietician support) and you’re ready to get started.

You then get a password and username and access to the site…and there is a lot of it!

Absolutely tons of articles on a range of health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle topics, testimonials, celebrity gossip, a chat room and your own personal corner with your profile, plan, goals…

eDiets recommends a plan for you based on your profile, but ultimately the choice is yours.

What really impressed us was the long term approach. For instance, there’s a real emphasis on variety and keeping things fresh, your menu changes every week and the ingredients vary.

There’s also a shopping list, full of real food, readily available fruit, veg, meat, fish…which is incredibly helpful so you can plan and shop for the week ahead.

We were also very impressed with the option for one to one support from dieticians and the weekly online ‘meetings’, the forums (lots of friendly support and advice from fellow dieters), the fitness plan – again personalized for you…

Don’t like going to the gym? No problem…hate jogging? No problem…only got 15 minutes every other day to spare? No problem!

eDiets Review – The Bottom Line…?

Well, if you’re serious about losing weight and getting in shape the healthy way, then its hard to see how you could go wrong with eDiets.

It’s a simply wonderful online resource that’s tremendous value for money. A few dollars, pounds, euros a week for expert advice, information and tools worth thousands in the offline world.

It’s flexible, the choice is almost overwhelming and you really feel like part of a club.

It’s not the only online weight loss program in town, and we’ve reviewed a couple more, but its certainly hard to beat.

Would we suggest you give it a try? Well, it’s so cheap that you could afford to subscribe for a few weeks and check it out for yourself! If nothing else, you’ll learn a bit more about healthy food, weight loss and exercise.

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