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trimspa review

Trimspa Review – Does it Really Work?

Any Trimspa review starts with the story about the Anna Nicole Smith diet, the one where she lost nearly 70lbs in six months taking Trimspa diet pills every day.

Pretty impressive story, isn’t it? All that weight loss from taking a few diet pills every day? Sounds like a miracle cure to the obesity epidemic!

Hmm, or is it? This warrants some further investigation as such incredible weight loss claims made for diet pills always set our alarm bells ringing!

Trimspa Review – What is Trimspa?

Trimspa is a diet pill that contained ephedra until it was banned in the US.

It was reformulated following the health scares about ephedra and was destined to be just another diet pill until Anna Nicole Smith experienced her amazing weight loss.

Thanks to having a beautiful TV reality show star and ex-Playboy Playmate of the Year as a spokesperson, Trimspa became a must-have slimming aid.

trimspa review

Trimspa is everywhere now, on the internet, in pharmacies and the drugstore on the corner…

The recommended daily dose to achieve the results claimed for the likes of Anna Nicole Smith is six tablets a day.

That actually works out to around $100-$120 a month, depending on where you get your Trimspa from. A bottle can cost up to $40 for a 10 day supply…not cheap!

All the more reason to ensure that you’re getting a good value product that works!

Trimspa Review – What’s in it…?

Now this is interesting. One look at the ingredients label has us asking a few questions…

Hoodia Gordonii

All sorts of claims have been made for hoodia, heralded as a miracle weight loss herb. We’ve reviewed hoodia, a South African plant reputed for its properties as an appetite suppressant.

Does it work? A bit, but it’s no miracle product and besides, hoodia supplements are everywhere and can be purchased individually at a much lower price than Trimspa retails for.

Green Tea Extract and Caffeine

Both of these ingredients are effective stimulants and green tea shows some promise as a weight loss supplement.

However, the amount that a daily supply of Trimspa contains is quite high – 750mg of green tea and 300mg of caffeine. Take a couple of tablets in the evening and you’ll struggle to get to sleep!


Again, we’ve reviewed chromium, which has little evidence to support any claims made for it as an aid to weight loss.

However, there’s an awful lot of chromium in a day’s intake of Trimspa at 450mcg, well above the safe dosage.

Cocoa Extract

Another stimulant. However, cocoa contains tyramine, which is not recommended for people suscpetible to migraines. It’s also contraindicated for people taking MAOI antidepressants as the reaction can cause headaches, nausea, raised blood pressure and in serious cases strokes.


An odd ingredient to include in a diet product. Better known as a joint health supplement, the manufacturers claim that glucosamine keeps blood sugar levels raised after eating, the theory being that you won’t feel hungry so soon and therefore will eat less.

Raised blood sugar levels contribute to insulin resistance, which is bad for weight loss. Seems counter-productive to us.


A water soluble fibre derived from a plant root that expands in the stomach to make you feel full, hence helping to reduce your appetite…or so it’s claimed.

Trimspa Review: The Bottom Line…

Amazing what a celebrity endorsement can do! There’s really nothing extraordinary about this product and no evidence that the ingredients will cause any significant weight loss.

In fact, Anna Nicole Smith admitted that she used laxatives and a diet in addition to Trimspa to achieve her weight loss.

Trimspa may cause a range of unwanted side effects and is expensive.

Whilst it contains fiber, you’d do as well to eat a few portions of fruit and veg a day or take a decent – and far cheaper – fiber supplement to get the same benefits.

Many people buy Trimspa because it contains hoodia, but hoodia supplements cost far less than Trimspa. You’d be better off buying them instead.

Our Trimspa review would suggest that the success of this product is a triumph of slick advertising and marketing over scientific proof of effectiveness.

You’re unlikely to get any significant benefit from taking Trimspa as a substitute to a healthy weight loss and exercise program.

The effects of taking Trimspa as a weight loss supplement we would suggest are marginal. However, Anna Nicole Smith may beg to differ.

Our Trimspa Review verdict? Don’t waste your money!

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