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Epic 400 MX Treadmill

Epic 400 MX Treadmill Review

Our Epic 400 MX treadmill review looks at the entry level end of the Epic range of treadmills – is this model a good value option?

I would suggest it is, as it’s in the under $1,000 price range that Epic really shine.

If you’re in the market for a solid, well made treadmill for walking and some gentle jogging, then the the 400 MX may well fit the bill.

The 400 MX lists for $1,099, but there are discounts everywhere online that bring it down to as low as $899.

For that price you get a decent motor and generous walking surface with some useful electronic features thrown in.

So why is this model worth checking out?

Epic 400 MX Treadmill Review – Features

Epic 400 MX Treadmill

When buying a treadmill, the important factors to consider are the motor, deck, frame, build quality and warranties.Epic is one of the Icon Health and Fitness brands and our Epic 400 MX treadmill review found some striking similarities with some of Icon’s other brands, notably with their Image treadmills.

This is particularly the case with lower priced treadmills, where corners are often cut to be able to sell them cheaply.

Ignore the gadgets and gimmicks, like built in TVs and sound systems and concentrate instead on the important stuff.

The 400 MX comes with a 2.25 HP continuous duty motor, which is adequate for speed walking and some gentle jogging.

If you’re on a weight loss program or just want to get in shape then this should suffice.

You’ll need a bigger motor if you’re a runner in search of a fairly intense workout, though.

The belt is a generous 55″ x 20″, enough surface area for most people to stretch out on and the deck inclines to 12% for added intensity.

The cushioning on the deck makes for a comfortable workout that’s kind to the joints and reduces the risk of impact injuries with long term use.

The 400 MX is a folding treadmill and the deck folds vertically, making storage easy in all but the tightest corners.

The display console is Icon’s standard 7″ x 10″ unit that’s simple, clear and easy to read and tracks speed, time, distance covered, calories burned and so on.

You get 12 workout programs, which will add some variety to your workouts.

The 400 MX comes with grip heart monitors and cooling fans, which don’t prove to be too noisy when switched on.

The main problem with the 400 MX as with rest of the range are the warranties – a mere 90 days on the parts and labour.

This model retails for $1,099, but our Epic 400 MX treadmill review found it for $899 with free shipping at Home Fitness Club.

Epic 400 MX Treadmill Review – The Bottom Line…

Our Epic 400 MX treadmill review would suggest that this is probably the Epic model that provides the best value for money.

The 400 MX is a decent choice for walkers and the discounts make it an attractive option.

It’s a stable, well built treadmill that should cope well with your daily workout.

However, you can get the Sole F63 discounted down to $999, which for me is a better option given its bigger motor and outstanding warranties!

If you’re set on the Epic 400 MX and want a hefty discount, then check out Home Fitness Club.

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