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Fad Diets – Not the Best Way to Lose Weight!

Fad diets spring up every time a new miracle weight loss ‘cure’ is discovered or a celebrity goes on a strange new or recycled weight loss regime…so are they worth trying?

In most cases, no, but that doesn’t stop most of us trying them at least once!

There really is very little that’s new in the world of weight loss. Most so-called fad diets have been around since the 60s and 70s when the pop culture that has made dieting so popular really began.

Everyone wanted to know how those stick thin models in the swinging 60s did it and all common sense around food and nutrition went out of the window!

fad diets

We don’t want to get too serious about this as most fad diets won’t do you any harm, it’s just that they are often so silly that it makes you wonder how gullible…or desperate…people have to be to try them!

How do You Spot Fad Diets?

Normally the front page of a celebrity tabloid magazine is a good place to start!

What are fad diets?

Weight loss is simple…you eat fewer calories than you need to lose weight and burn off a few through some regular exercise.

Easy, but so many of us struggle with it and ultimately fail.

We tend to complicate things and seek out the ‘secret’ that will work for us the next time.

Enter the fad diet.

Fad diets are born from and feed upon our desperation, our constant search for the next big thing.

Tell someone that eating a pair of carpet slippers for breakfast will help them to shed 20lbs by the weekend and the chances are that someone will give it a try!

There is no magic food or pill that will spirit the weight away, but that doesn’t stop the multi-billion dollar diet industry dreaming them up.

New and ever weirder ways to complicate the seemingly simple task of eating less and exercising more are dreamt up daily.

Here’s how to spot fad diets:

  • You’re required to cut out or drastically reduce at least one major food group from your diet, eg carbs or fat
  • Promises fast weight loss – anything more than 1-2lbs a week, certainly no more than 3lbs a week max, is just not feasible
  • Anything based on a pill, you know the type of diet, “take this pill and eat whatever you like and still lose weight”
  • Diets where you don’t eat any food, liquid diets where you drink just shakes or something similar
  • Diets based on eating one food for a period of time, eg cabbage soup, grapefruit, bananas…
  • Diets that require no exercise at all
  • Eat anything you like diets
  • Fruit only diets
  • Exclusively raw food diets or diets where you just eat salads
  • One meal a day diets
  • Diets based on weight loss teas and other weight loss potions
  • Diets where you’re required to chop off a body part…just kidding! Don’t think anyone has come up with that one yet, although we wouldn’t be surprised if they had!
  • You get the idea.

    Now we appreciate that some of you reading this will have tried one or many a fad diet.

    Fad diets are part of many a serial dieter’s roll call of honour. There’s almost a duty placed upon serious dieters to try everything and anything that comes along.

    Just visit an internet weight loss forum and see what we mean.

    Now none of this is intended to poke fun at dieters and there are many well intentioned nutritionists and diet gurus trying to come up with ways to make things easier on dieters.

    But the reality is that there are two ways and two ways only, with the exception of surgery – which we wouldn’t recommend – to lose weight…

    …Diet and exercise.

    Take a look at our healthy weight loss plan, It won’t cost you anything, except a few pounds hopefully!

    Try some of the recipes in our free weight loss menus too.

    If you really want a diet, there are some healthy recommendations in our best weight loss plans.

    There really is no secret. Fad diets come and go…and come back again every so often. However, the basic principles remain the same.

    If you want to lose weight and keep it off then eat a healthy, balanced, calorie reduced diet and do some regular exercise.

    Simple…so why do so many of us screw it up?

    Forget the fad diets and get back to what really works…a healthy diet, some exercise and large dollops of discipline and determination.

    You know it makes sense!

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