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Weight Loss Diet Plans

Heart Smart Diet Plan Review

heart smart diet

This Heart Smart Diet Plan review investigates a weight loss plan that can also reduce the risk factors associated with heart disease. I doubt if there’s anyone out there that’s not aware of the heart disease epidemic that’s swept the developed world over the last few decades. Coronary Heart Disease is the number one killer in the US, UK…in fact ...

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Hamptons Diet Review

hamptons diet

Our Hamptons Diet Review investigates a low carb diet used by the well heeled folks of the Hamptons that’s now been rolled out to the rest of us – has it travelled well? If you’re not a US resident, the Hamptons is where the rich and famous of New York get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. ...

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The Grapefruit Diet Review

grapefruit diet

Our Grapefruit Diet review takes a look at claims that this humble fruit somehow melts away pounds of fat…does it stack up? Popular in the last few decades of the 20th century, the Grapefruit Diet has made a comeback in recent years with new research claiming that eating the fruit can lead to significant weight loss. Guess what? Before you ...

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Glycemic Impact Diet Review

Our Glycemic Impact Diet review takes a look at one of eDiets most popular diets, an online GI diet that offers hope to all you sugar addicts – is it a good choice? Ok, anyone who’s tried to lose weight in the last decade or so will have heard of the GI approach to weight loss. GI stands for Glycemic ...

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Gi Diet Review

glycemic impact diet

This GI Diet review takes a look at one of the most popular weight loss concepts of recent years. It seems that just about everyone is on or has been on one GI diet or another. Film stars, celebrity chefs, politicians, sportspeople…they all seem to be at it. To be fair though, most ‘celebrity’ diets picked up and promoted by ...

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Fat Flush Diet Review

fat flush diet

In this Fat Flush Diet review we take a look at a weight loss plan that promises to…well, flush away fat by ridding your liver of toxins. Another gimmick? The Fat Flush concept is the brainchild of Ann Louise Gittleman, a PhD nutritionist. She came up with the idea in her 1988 book, “Beyond Pritikin”, after seeing her clients struggle ...

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Dr Phil Diet Reviews

dr phil diet

The Dr Phil Diet reviews well as a ‘moderation in everything’ weight loss plan that also seeks to tackle the emotional aspects to overeating, so will it help you to lose weight? And keep it off? This diet will appeal to anyone who’s a fan of TV psychologist Dr Phil McGraw. Whilst Dr Phil is a psychologist, not a food ...

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Dr Bernstein Diet Review

dr berstein diet

Our Dr Bernstein Diet review takes a look at an approach to weight loss and better blood sugar management for diabetics…does it work? Dr Bernstein in an engineer by background who went to medical school at the age of 45. A major career shift that provided the knowledge, training and qualifications to support his research around the management of diabetes ...

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Dean Ornish Diet Review

This Dean Ornish Diet review takes a look at a popular low fat, largely vegetarian diet that is good for your heart and weight loss goals – so does it work? Just as Dr Aggotson initially developed the South Beach Diet as a result of working with patients suffering from heart disease, so Dean Ornish designed his “Eat More, Weigh ...

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Carbohydrate Addicts Diet Review

carbohydrates addicts diet

Our Carbohydrate Addicts Diet review takes a look at a low carb diet with a difference…you can happily eat all the carbs you want – at one meal a day! Does that make this a low carb diet, though? Written by husband and wife team, Drs Richard and Rachael Heller, the diet follows the familar path of limiting carb intake ...

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